Friday, March 2, 2012

Queens of Diamonds and Hearts: Episode 1-5

- This series is an exaggerating comedy, you can tell from episode 1, or even the trailer. This is probably just another Can't Buy Me Love, and I don't expect it to be any better. I admit that I enjoyed watching CBML, so I'll probably enjoy watching this too. Even though I do think it's stupid and lame, I still watch it haha, just for entertainment.
- The opening theme is too long. Fala's singing is not that great either. I skipped the whole song everytime I watched.
- As much as I like Roger, I hate him in stupid roles and in comedy like this, just like the case of Moses Chan. Next time he should really pick up some serious role. This is killing his image!! His acting is just OTT. The emperor character is so useless and perverted that I wanted to smack him several times already. And thank you Fala for doing so.
- I read somewhere that said Fala is too pretty for her role as Chung Mo Yim. Well, I don't know the actual story about Chung Mo Yim so I won't comment on her look. I must say that Fala is pretty cute playing a tomboy like this. Her action and expression are just really funny. But I still like her more in CBML, where she and Kenneth Ma had more chemistry together. Fala and Roger just don't match imo. Fala seems to overact in some scenes, but overall likeable. And I like watching Fala and Koni Lui together. It seems like Koni has improved in her acting. Her role is also likeable.
- It sucks that Sharon's character Ha Ying Chun will turn evil/bad later on cuz I really pity her at the beginning, not so anymore after she became queen but still, I enjoy Sharon performance so far. Ha Ying Chun seems like a scheming woman already... Who is the mysterious woman that Sharon kept seeing?? Some enemy of Mo Yim's master??
- And who am I most impressed with so far? It's Oscar Leung!!!!!! He cracked me up with his lines, and I love how he said them with a straight face, so hilarious. And this is exactly what I want to see in comedy, not just someone distorting their faces and trying too hard to be funny.
- The tension is building up between Fala and Sharon by the end of episode 5. Get ready for some scheming!! Excited? NO!!
- How come the palace is so empty?? Where's everyone?
- Not a great series, but funny so far. Let's wait and see how it develops!!

Never expected this series to be magical O_o
Roger with his 80% distorted face!!
Fala is too manly!!
Poor Sharon~~
Oscar is funny without trying to be funny
Ben's character will turn evil?!

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