Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Let It Be Love (4 in Love): Episode 1

I just finished watching the first episode of 4 in Love. I had quite a few good laughs from it. It introduced each character quite nicely and most of them have made their appearances. I love how all of them don't know each other, yet are so close to each other. The theme song sung by Moses is weird though. It gave me a 'Fly with Me' feel.

What a small world! Let's all meet in the hospital!!

Sneak peek of Charmaine's new movies!!

Charmaine is EVERYWHERE!!!

Remnants of When Heaven Burns?!

Even Ka Ming is here!!!

Can't Buy Me Love II ?!

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Happy Chinese New Year!!

Happy Chinese New Year to everyone!! This year is the year of the Dragon and Dragon is the symbol of prosperity, luck and success. I wish everyone a very successful and prosperous year and may all your dreams come true.

It's also February soon and that means The Season of Love!! Have you voted for your top onscreen couples on tvb.com yet?

Thursday, January 19, 2012

What I'm watching...

Guess what I'm watching........... Glittering Days!! I was eating my lunch and no one was home so I wanted to entertain myself by watching TV. I was going through a pile of old DVDs and I found this. I never knew about the existance of this series, until now!! How sad!! So then I sat down and watched the first few episodes of it. It's surprisingly good since I had low expectation for series set in the 1960's (no, I lied. I enjoyed Sisters of Pearl).

About Wish and Switch and L'Escargot, as I mentioned before, I have low expectation for these two series as I'm not too fond of the story lines. I also watched the first episode for both series and I don't feel like continuing. I'm actually too lazy to load it on my computer so I'll probably watch them later on with my family when they get the DVDs.

Two new drama just had the costume fitting, Thunderous Drug Raid and Chok Family. After reading the info for the series, I really want to watch Thunderous Drug Raid. This is also the first time I anticipate a Raymond's series since I'm not his fan. Let's see how he will turn out. About Chok Family, I'm not excited for it at all. Has TVB run out of names for a series?!

By the way, would anyone recommend The Drive of Life? I haven't watched it yet. I partly want to and partly not because it's way too long and I don't have much time since school started.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Charmaine Sheh「Ah Yan」

It's been 2 weeks since I finished watching When Heaven Burns but I'm still in the 'obsessed' mode right now. I just can't get it out of my mind nor can I start a new drama. ARGHHH!!

Anyways, I came across this screenshot of Charmaine in ep 21 of WHB and I really like it, so I decided to... draw it!

This is actually my first time drawing real people. I only drew anime/manga characters before (since I'm also obsessed with that:P). Anyways, I should have made the shading a bit darker on the face and I think I got the proportion wrong somewhere (probably the face as well!!). Well, I'm satisfied with this already and I hope that doesn't turn out too bad, at least it does resemble Charmaine, right? Right??

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

2011 Year-end Review

TVB 44th Anniversary Awards Ceremony has ended and all the awards have been given out. However, whether or not the awards were well-deserved depends on how different people think. After all, acting is a very subjective matter and we are at least a little biased when it comes to evaluating our favourite artistes' performances. Same thing applied for me and I want to emphasize that the purpose of this post is NOT to tell TVB how rigged its awards were or say how the award should be given to one artiste instead of the other. I wrote this post just for the sake of sharing my personal thoughts and views, and evaluating last year's series and performances (aka this is 100% my thoughts). Before I begin, here's a little observation I made: 2011 is the year of the barristers!!

In case you are too lazy to read on, here is a quick summary:

- Best Actor: Kevin Cheng (Ghetto Justice)
- Best Actress: Myolie Wu (Ghetto Justice)
- Best Supporting Actor: Ben Wong (Lives of Omission)
- Best Supporting Actress: Elena Kong (River of Wine)
- Most Improved Actor: Jazz Lam
- Most Improved Actress: Sire Ma
- Favorite On-screen Couple: Kevin Cheng and Myolie Wu (Ghetto Justice)
- Favorite Male Character: Kevin Cheng (Ghetto Justice)
- Favorite Female Character: Maggie Cheung (Forensic Heroes III)
- Best Theme Song: Ghetto Justice theme - 沒時間後悔 by Hanjin Tan ft. MC Jin
- Best Series: Ghetto Justice

Best Actor

Kevin Cheng (Ghetto Justice)

The year 2011 may not be the best year for TVB, but it certainly was a fruitful year for Kevin Cheng. His role Law Ba from the small budget production Ghetto Justice has earned him 3 TV King titles. In Ghetto Justice, Kevin Cheng has successfully discarded his well-groomed pretty boy look and transformed into a sloppy, lazy but with a great sense of justice barrister Law Ba of Sham Shui Po. Kevin carried out his role very naturally and was able to bring his character to life and connect with the audience. For that, Kevin Cheng deserved the title of Best Actor.

Honourable Mentions:

Michael Tse (Lives of Omission)
Michael Tse and Laughing are inseparable. Ever since E.U. in 2009, Michael has engraved deep into people's hearts the legend of Laughing. In 2011 Lives of Omission, Michael continued to carry on the 'Laughing spirit' and gave a flawless performance.

Ruco Chan (The Other Truth)
Often portraying villainous roles in the past, Ruco Chan has made it fresh this time by convincingly taking on the role of an ambitious yet righteous barrister Keith Lau, who is willing to cross the boundaries to achieve justice.

Best Actress

Myolie Wu (Ghetto Justice)

This may not be the strongest performance around and I do think that the competition is the weakest here in this category. However, judging at this year's performances, Myolie Wu deserved the title of Best Actress for her role in Ghetto Justice. The ambitious barrister Kris Wong who was at first willing to turn away from justice for fame, later regains her conscience and battles for the rights of others. Myolie was also able to bring out the characteristics of a modern career woman.

Honourable Mentions:

Maggie Cheung (Forensic Heroes III)
I was debating between Myolie and Maggie for the Best Actress title. Although this is the result I ended up with (and it was real hard for me!!), Maggie Cheung is definitely not far behind because her performance in FH3 was brilliant. Maggie managed to give her character a humorous side yet still carried out her role as a forensic pathologist flawlessly. This is undeniably a great comeback for Maggie.

Jessica Hsuan (Curse of the Royal Harem)
Jessica gave a great performance in COTRH as the Imperial Consort. Her character may be quiet but at the same time very intimidating and Jessica was able to pull that off. Jessica gave off a very commanding aura yet was still able to act gentle in front of the Emperor.

Best Supporting Actor

Ben Wong (Lives of Omission)

Ben Wong was able to act out the conflicted mind of an undercover through his role in LOO. The transition from white to black in the nature of his character Spicy Ginger allowed him to shine whenever he's on-screen. From being able to make himself fearsome when madness took over him, to in the end we can only feel sorry for him when he's consumed by fear, Ben Wong can make all the transitions seamlessly.

Honourable Mentions:

KK Cheung (Curse of the Royal Harem)
His eunuch character may be brainless and detestable but KK was able to bring out his pitiful side. KK did a great job in transducing the loyalty of his character towards the Empress Dowager to the audience and made them feel for him.

Jazz Lam (Ghetto Justice)
In Ghetto Justice, the audience can see a different side of Jazz Lam as he portrayed the gentle, polite yet timid solicitor MJ. He can make his character so humorous yet very honourable.

Best Supporting Actress

Elena Kong (River of Wine)

Elena may be underrated but she has once again proved that she's a talented actress through her performance in River of Wine, in which she took on the role of a widow. Her character had to take care of the whole family, restrain her love for the man who called her mom, and suffer from misunderstandings and cold treatments from the entire family. Elena was able to bring out all the emotions of her character effortlessly and in a very controlled manner.

Honourable Mentions:

Nancy Wu (Forensic Heroes III)
Whenever Nancy was on-screen, she stole that scene. Her ambitious barrister character Eva Chow was the highlight of the show and Nancy was able to carry out that role perfectly.

Sharon Chan (Ghetto Justice)
Taking on the role of a prostitute and even running around naked, Sharon Chan is another scene-stealer this year. Despite the profession, Sharon made her character very honourable and admirable.

Most Improved Actor

Jazz Lam (My Sister of Eternal Flower, Ghetto Justice, River of Wine)

This year, the biggest surprise coming from Jazz is probably his role in Ghetto Justice. Before this series, when one spoke of him, we usually thought of a guy who's loud-mouthed, rude, hot-headed, a loser in love and had little education. In GJ, Jazz has gotten rid of that image by successfully portraying a character completely opposite of that. In a short time, he has transformed from an annoying person to one of the most charming one on-screen. Jazz definitely needs to be given different roles to try instead of being typecasted all the time.

Most Improved Actress

Sire Ma (River of Wine, Men with No Shadows, Curse of the Royal Harem)

She may be new and raw as an actress, but Sire Ma definitely has potential. This year, she was a stubborn but righteous daughter of a magistrate, a lively and outspoken nurse who fell in love with a 'devil', and the lovely but pitiful wife of Prince Sui. In all of her series this year, Sire was able to carry out her roles quite naturally. She conveyed her emotions quite well and had good chemistry with the casts. In the future, I would love to see Sire taking on more varieties of roles to further improve her acting skills.

Favourite On-screen Couples

3. Chilam Cheung and Myolie Wu (The Rippling Blossom)

A really cute couple!! Enough said!!

2. Bowie Lam and Elena Kong (River of Wine)

I have a soft spot for forbidden relationship like this and plus, Bowie and Elena had so much chemistry on-screen!!

1. Kevin Cheng and Myolie Wu (Ghetto Justice)

After Burning Flame III, Kevin and Myolie got to pair up again. This time, the chemistry was amazing, simply amazing!!

Favourite Male Characters

5. Steven Ma as Nip Dor Bo (The Life and Times of a Sentinel)
      - Who wouldn't love the brave and righteous Steven Ma?!

4. Raymond Wong as Wallace Cheuk Siu Him (The Other Truth)
      -  Such a cute and charismatic character for Ray Wong

3. Ruco Chan as Keith Lau Sze Kit (The Other Truth)
      -  Coolness + Hotness = Keith!!

2. Damian Lau as Mo Yung Ching (The Rippling Blossom)
      - You don't often get to see Damian like this!!

1. Kevin Cheng as Law Lik Ah / Law Ba / LA Law (Ghetto Justice)
      - Simply a character that makes you love him from beginning to end!!

Favourite Female Characters

5. Myolie Wu as Keung Keung (The Rippling Blossom)
      - Such a fun character for Myolie

4. Toby Leung as Ho Ka Moon (Wax and Wane)
      - Someone who can eat non-stop without getting fat, Toby is really adorable here!!

3. Yoyo Mung as Mak Yat Man / Ah Man (Only You)
      - So bad-mouthed that it's hilarious!!

2. Fala Chen as Kwai Fa / Ah Fa (Grace Under Fire)
      - She might be weak but she definitely had guts!!

1. Maggie Cheung as Mandy Chung Hok Sum (Forensic Heroes III)
      - The coolness and the professionalism blend so well with the humour

Most Memorable Characters

3. Linda Chung as Koo Ka Lam / Miss Koo (Yes, Sir. Sorry, Sir!)

The character Miss Koo was really well received by the audience this year for being the victim of an investigation

2. Michael Tse as Leung Siu Tong / Laughing Gor (Lives of Omission)

Laughing Gor is memorable since forever!!

1. Kevin Cheng as Law Lik Ah / Law Ba / LA Law (Ghetto Justice)

Law Ba is simply a great guy with great personalities and down-to-earth. His name shall live on!!

Most Memorable Scenes

5. Grace Under Fire - Lui Kong is beaten to death by Yau Sam Shui

 A very bloody scene but worth watching because Dominic was superb!! His character Lui Kong was beaten up badly yet still refused to surrender to the injustice. A very powerful performance!!

4. Yes, Sir. Sorry, Sir! - Miss Koo breaks down

 So explosive and so heart-breaking that everytime we think back to this scene,
we remember how good Linda was at crying!!

3. Forensic Heroes III - Pro Sir vs. Eva court scene

  This is probably the highlight of FH3. Both Wayne and Nancy did a great job
in this intense showdown scene between Pro Sir and Eva.

2. Ghetto Justice - Law Ba singing in the shower

 This is definitely a must-watch scene for everyone:
Law Ba singing Doraemon theme in the shower and getting his naked picture taken!! :D

1. The Life and Times of a Sentinel - Prince Yu forces Kangxi to give him the throne and Nip Dor Bo's real identity

If you decided to drop this series from the beginning, you would miss out this great scene. The scene is actually one-whole-episode long but it's definitely worth watching. It's not draggy at all because the 45 minutes were needed to build up all the tensions and emotions. It was so surprising, dramatic, emotional and well acted out by Steven Ma, Kenneth Ma, Power Chan and Ching Hor Wai.

Best Theme Songs

5. Curse of the Royal Harem theme - 各安天命 by Susanna Kwan
      - Very powerful singing by Susanna. The song fits the series perfectly

4. Lives of Omission theme - 獨行 by Michael Tse
      - I love the beats at the beginning. Michael sang it well too

3. River of Wine theme - 今朝有酒 by Taichi
      - May not be the catchiest or most attractive but it's extremely well sung

2. Yes, Sir. Sorry, Sir! theme - 春風化雨 by Moses Chan and Ron Ng
      - Catchy tune, Moses and Ron's voices sound great together

1. Ghetto Justice theme - 沒時間後悔 by Hanjin Tan ft. MC Jin
      - The lyrics are really powerful and well sung by Hanjin. He has great voice. The rapping part by MC Jin is a bonus

Best Series

5. Curse of the Royal Harem (Producer: Chong Wai Kin)

Engaging plots with some good actings from the casts. The story is well told, especially in the middle. The main characters also had great character developments.

4. Lives of Omission (Producer: Chong Wai Kin)

A series that's full of action scenes and exciting moments. It managed to keep the audience attention from beginning to end, as we were interested in finding out what the end would be like for each of the main characters.

3. Only You (Producer: Amy Wong)

A very heart-warming series with lots of teary moments. By having many mini stories within a bigger story, this series gave the audience a refreshing atmosphere throughout the whole 30 episodes.

2. The Other Truth (Producer: Amy Wong)

A case-driven legal series with lots of interesting cases. This series explores the grey areas of the legal sector where it's 'rationality vs. sensibility' most of the time. It also gave an insight of how the jury works.

1. Ghetto Justice (Producer: Terry Tong)

A legal series with a different flavour: justice vs. fame and fortune. This series managed to cooperate the humour with the legal aspect, which made it more relaxing to watch. There were also great character developments, from main characters to even the minor ones.

**Credit: The pictures are taken from tvb.com and just for illustration purpose**

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[TVB2011] Forensic Heroes III 《法證先鋒III》 Review

Genre: Modern, police procedural
# of Episodes: 30
Producer: Mui Siu Ching
- Wayne Lai as Po Kwok Tung (Pro Sir)
- Maggie Cheung as Chung Hok Sum (Mandy)
- Kate Tsui as Ling Sin Yee (Ada)
- Ron Ng as Lee Chin Fung (Wind)
- Edwin Siu as Ho Ching Man (Ken)
- Aimee Chan as Chiang Cheuk Kwan (Angel)
- Nancy Wu as Chow Yik Fei (Eva)
- Ruco Chan as Fong Sai Yau (Jim)

What's It About?
Crime scenes. Police. Forensic team. Criminals obediently telling stories. The end. Here's how it goes: police arrived at crime scene first, did nothing and called the forensic team, who would do some lab works and then solve everything. EVERYTHING! And what does the police do? Fighting scenes but after a while, they have to share those scenes with the forensic team as well. And of course, it includes some dramatic family scenes so that our Wayne Lai can show off his dramatic acting skills.

- Spoilers Alert -

The Cases: This series is case-driven so I would like to share some of my thoughts on the cases.

Case 1: Wedding Party
This case is a mess, what a bad start eh?! It feels like they were just throwing clues and information out of nowhere right into your face. It also gave me a headache, probably from all the flashings. The gay couple Chris Lai and Vin Choi were convincing though. This case is one of the worst IMO. And boring too!

Case 2: Sky-Eye Girl
To make up for the first one, the second case is one of the best cases in FH3. So suspenseful, especially the part where they found the baby. The doll behind the mirror is really scary. I really feel sorry for the girl, being used and raped by that 'guardian' dude. I still don't think that his punishment is enough for all the bad deeds he had done. Urgh! The beginning of this case is intriguing, a prediction by Sky Eye Girl followed by a kneeling corpse at the beach! The case got a bit boring in the middle when they were solving the murder of a rich dude which I don't care about. It then got interesting again when we finally learn more about the Sky Eye Girl and the 'guardian' dude. It was freaky when Ada snatched her earphones and she screamed her head out! Also the part where Mandy and her grandfather stalking her in the morning, it just made it seem so mysterious (although I knew that it would turn out to be something normal - like autism!) It got to the best part when they went to that girl's house and found out about the 'ghost' and the baby. I laughed really hard when Mandy went to the washroom and came out saying that she just gave birth to a baby! I know I shouldn't have, but I did. However, I find that the evidence for solving this case is a bit weak (a tree only?!). Good thing it got a happy ending for the poor autistic girl. Cilla Kung, who played the Sky Eye Girl, did well as a person with autism, I'm impressed! I really like her bond with Mandy (and the prediction of Mandy being Pro Sir's girlfriend!!)

Case 3: The Three Tenants
If I have to describe this case in one word, I would say: comical! It's just funny how the three tenants were framing each other, but none of them actually did it! (well, that's predictable too). I like how the corpse was burnt but the actual cause of death is drowning! And did I mention the cute granny in this case? She was so adorable!!! I saw her in a lot of series before but I don't know her name.


Case 4: Apple's Death
This case is also good although it deals a lot more with the court. The highlight here is of course Eva. The best parts are Eva questioning Pro Sir and his dad in court and how all the evidence is of no use anymore for breaking the Chain of Evidence. They had to work their butts off to find new evidence and saving Baby from the big bad Wilson Yu. This case also marks the end of Pro Sir and Eva's marriage (what a bad way eh!!). My favorite quotes are "Common law is the law for common man" by Pro Sir and "Take off your pants" by Mandy LOL. I laughed really hard when she said that. I also really like the way Mandy talks to Apple, who is lying dead on the autospy table. My complaint: Such bad names TVB gave to the characters - Apple and Baby! Seriously???

Case 5: Murder in University
We see a lot of newcomers in this case, well it's expected. I'm not complaining about seeing them, they did well in fact, especially the guy who played Wu Sai Hang, who got murdered. I must say that it's really stupid of the murderer to leave Wu's hand uncovered while his body was well hidden in the soil. Is he really that careless? Oh well, it's TVB. This case is just ok in my opinion. Oh yea, why was Sire Ma even there? She served no purpose at all. And why does Brian Chu always look so angry? I remember seeing him in The Other Truth, also that same angry face.

Case 6: Murder of Jim's Brother
Nothing special about this case either. The most surprising thing is probably Jim's change in behaviors. But in one way, it's kinda expected since there must be something wrong with this 'perfect' Mr. Jim so that he and Mandy can break up. We also see the same forensic pathologist as the one in FH2. This guy is the real deal. Nothing much to say about this case since it's just similar to FH2, also about someone who got buried for a long time then discovered. However, the sudden sinister smile of Natalie near the end really sent a chill down my spine.


Case 7: Mandy is in Danger
I don't consider this as a case, ok maybe a mini case. It has only one purpose: to get Pro Sir and Mandy together. I really like Mandy's calm and cool attitude when she received those threatening messages. The 'Professor King' part is just a total ripoff from The Mysteries of Love. Don't even know why that guy is there.

Case 8: Family Feud
Out of all the cases, this one is the most boring. The premise sounds boring already. There is no suspense at all in this case because the killer is made known (or at least very obvious) already from the beginning. Yet it took the longest to solve (~ 5 episodes). Such a waste of time! The beggar part is just gross. Wind's mom is just annoying, actually his whole family is annoying. And the whole Bonnie thing is just so unoriginal. Kudos to the actor who played the servant Ah Chung though. Great performance.

Case 9: Death of a Vampire
No, not the Twilight or Vampire Diaries kind, it's the Halloween kind! This case is also a waste of time. I rather have them take off this case and expand a little bit more on the last case. There are some creepy scenes like when they went to the woman's house at night and when she suddenly opened her eyes, but TVB just has to ruin the moment after all.

Case 10: Murderer from 30 Years Ago
Last case means the drama is about to end. FH3, just like any other series, rushed through the last case so that it can end. This case returns to Mandy's haunting past of her parents being murdered. That crazy dude really killed his wife in front of his son! What was he even thinking?? Anyways, since Mandy lost both of her parents on the same night and witnessed the murder of her mother, she suffered from PTSD and had only her grandpa as her family from then on. Now we can understand Mandy's sympathy with orphans such as the Sky Eye Girl, Apple and Baby. Eva was purposedly involved in this case so that she can get killed as an easy way out for Mandy and Pro Sir's daughter. TVB, TVB... what can I say? *sigh* The two explosion scenes at the end were forced, you can tell. Why wouldn't they shoot the criminal's car tires instead of running after him till night? And why wouldn't Ada just kick his head instead of pointlessly struggling with her hands? KICK HIS HEAD!! Nevertheless, this case kept my interest and is one of the better cases of FH3.

*** What's your favorite case? Mine has to be the Sky-Eye Girl case ***

The Ending:
Ending is disappointing! Catwalking with sunglasses to the crime scene and................ THE END?! Is this some kind of joke?? And they don't even bother to show a scene where Pro Sir's daughter Man Man found out about her mother's death and quickly called Mandy 'mom'.

- Pro Sir and Eva (Wayne and Nancy) - Despite the age gap, I can feel the chemistry between these two. This is also not the first time Nancy is paired with Wayne. The scene where Wayne was telling Nancy that he didn't want to divorce was great. The argument scenes of these two are awesome too. They really give off a feeling of a married couple. But too bad TVB just wants to use the despicable way to end their marriage because that's the fastest way. Fine then, Eva, you don't deserve Pro Sir anymore! Let's move on!

- Mandy and Jim (Maggie and Ruco) - These two have chemistry as well, as lovers! Jim is just too sweet the whole time he's with Mandy. And for some unknown reason, I always give off a smile when I see them together, especially the scene when Jim takes Mandy to her favorite coffee shop. Maybe these two are more fit to be lovers, I don't know. But then comes the case with Jim's brother being murdered, which also marks the end of their relationship. Why does TVB always starts and ends stuff so abruptly?? I totally do not understand their breakup!!!

- Pro Sir and Mandy (Wayne and Maggie) - These two are definitely soul mates. I can totally feel it. But not lovers! They understand each other well, they know what each other thinks, feels, needs or wants. Wayne and Maggie sure can show that, but not enough chemistry to show that they are lovers, or probably not the right kind. Maybe because we usually see them together at crime scenes, working as partners for so long (2/3 of the drama), they have little time to develop their love relationship so it's kinda weird to see them together as lovers. Each time I see them, I only think about work, about solving cases, about 2 brainiacs talking in Martian language that leaves Ron and Kate wondering what they are talking about. Then I again blame TVB for this! Why rushing? But then I was so touched by the confession at the hospital. Mature yet sweet!

- Mandy and Ada (Maggie and Kate) - the Korean Ginsengs!!! :D These two have the most chemistry. Yes, I find this sisterly relationship wins all the couples in terms of chemistry. I like how they tease each other about Ko Sir, Jim and Pro Sir. They are so hilarious together, along with Mandy's grandfather (played by Chow Chung). This trio got to be my favorite. Their chemistry is so obvious and convincing. Best moments include: Mandy imitating Ko Sir's pose when he arrives to pick Ada up for the party, Mandy's grandfather and Ada teasing Mandy for letting 'brown sugar' Jim in the house, and the hospital scene where they imagine how Pro Sir and Mandy would fall off the building and die together. So funny :D

- Ada and Wind (Kate and Ron) - Kate and Ron of course have chemistry. They paired up so many times already. It's really funny how every time Ada has to use Wind as an excuse to get herself away from Ko Sir. How these two got together was funny as well (ie. Wind bashing into Ko Sir office and listing Ada's habits). And I love the 'Albert Yip' part too. I may forgive TVB for letting these two be together at the end.

- Ken and Angel (Edwin and Aimee) - Ok, enough with the forgiving! Why kill off Angel?? WHY? Poor Ken. This couple is rather cute, although I was a bit annoyed how Ken always teased Angel about her Chinese (yes, I agree that her Chinese sucks too but this is just too much!!). Their arguments are lame most of the time, but their expressions are just too funny, especially Ken. I love the kiss at the bar when Ken got drunk the first time LOL!!! These two are fun together but then they had to kill off Angel at the end. Totally forced and unnecessary!!!

*** So which relationship do you like most? I gave my vote to Mandy and Ada ***

- Wayne Lai - is boring. Not his fault, I blame the script. His character is uninteresting most of the time and he seems so bored too. I'm not gonna compare him with Bobby but Wayne does give off a professional look. Other than that, he did great or better at the family scenes with Man Man, his dad and Eva.

- Maggie Cheung - is so pro!! Amazing performance from Maggie as the cool and professional Dr. Chung. She made the character so much fun to watch. Her quirkiness, curiosity and utmost respect for life blend together so well. Some people find her character boring but I don't think so. Dr. Chung made me enjoy FH3 much more. This role was made for Charmaine Sheh but after seeing Maggie's portrayal of the character, I can't picture Charmaine in the role anymore.
P.S. I love her ringtone

- Kate Tsui - is not convincing as a senior inspector. Her character is cute and hilarious though (through her interactions with Ko Sir and Mandy). I do like her style in this series but this is definitely not a senior inspector's style. And sometimes I find her a bit childish that she can't lead her team at all. Nevertheless, this role is definitely better than the one in Lives of Omission.

- Ron Ng - is mediocre. His character is so undeveloped and unnecessary. They can just take his character out and not affect the story at all. Wind only serves as Ada's boyfriend with no other obvious purposes. His acting didn't help either, not that he's good or something. Ron is just wasting his time here, should have spent it filming something else instead.

- Edwin Siu - is funny. This guy can do comedy. His face looks so chubby for some reason, and that made him so cute. I really like Edwin here and I wish he had more screentime. He did well in the hospital scenes where Angel was dying.

- Aimee Chan - the ABC. They should have made her character a little bit more useful than just blurting out all the English scientific terms!! She's like the 'pronunciation' button in those electronic dictionaries while Wayne will serve as the definition part. Each time they come across something new, Aimee will find the right ENGLISH term for it and say that term out loud. Then we have Wayne who will give the definition of it as if he has an encyclopedia installed in his brain, and everyone else will just stand there and nod to his words.

- Nancy Wu - is so not pro! Sorry! I mean Eva is so not pro, not Nancy. Nancy did well as Eva, very well in fact! Her court scenes are really fun to watch and she did an amazing job. Kudos to Nancy. The script just had to make her character Eva so detestable, what a shame!! And what I meant by so not pro is that Eva had to use such nasty tricks to win a case, which eventually leads to her divorce -- so unrealistic!

- Ruco Chan - is just an extra. He, just like Ron, serves no obvious purpose in FH3. Introduced as a psychologist, I don't see him treating any patient at all, just dating!! Isn't that amazing?! Anyways, I enjoyed his appearance. He did well as an impatient, frustrated yet sweet Jim but still needs to improve on his crying.

*** Whose performance do you like most in FH3? I like Maggie Cheung's the most ***

Notable Mention:
- The little girl Moon Chan who played Po Ka Man (Pro Sir's daughter). This little girl will turn out to be a great actress when she grows up. Watching her crying in the divorce scene is so heart wrenching. I recognize her as little Charmaine from Beyond the Realm of Conscience and Can't Buy Me Love. So if Charmaine was to take part in FH3, they can be mother and daughter again (as in Can't Buy Me Love).

- Ko Sir played by Geoffrey Wong is just hilarious!! I got to give him credit. I enjoyed all of his scenes. The way he stands, poses, talks or just his look alone makes him so funny. Such classic comedy!! I especially love his "Mr. Wind" and his stomach ache pose.

I know I complained a lot but I also know I love FH3. This series is nothing of a WOW but it's really addictive and entertaining. I do miss the old cast, but the new cast here also did a great job and they really made me want to go into forensics. I can easily overlook all the flaws and ditch the haters, just to sit back and enjoy the show.

My rating: 6.9/10

Worth Watching? Yes

**Credit: The pictures are taken from tvb.com and just for illustration purpose**

Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy New Year!

YAY! I spent my New Year day watching When Heaven Burns ending, which I have to say: AMAZING!!! I'm glad to start off 2012 with WHB, which I will remember for a long time. I watched the last two episodes twice already. The ending was so touching and nicely wrapped up and more importantly, not rushed at all.

Happy New Year everyone!!!