Thursday, March 8, 2012

The Hippocratic Crush: Episode 6-10

The story thus far:

- Yu Jai (Tavia) and Mei Suet (Mandy) found out that they are sisters, not half-sisters, but full-blood sisters, as in they have the same mom and dad. Yu Jai still acted all nice to Mei Suet but Mei Suet just brushed her off.
- Yat Kin (Kenneth) is banned from doing operations for 6 months because he refused to follow rules. He now has to take care of the outpatients, from which he learned the true meaning of being a doctor.
- After his turning point, Yeung Chung (Him) is more serious in work now, though sometimes he's still slacking off. He is infatuated with Yu Jai and trying his best to impress her.
- Yu Jai and Yeung Chung are now being trained in Cardiothoracic with Raymond Cho. He seems like a nice boss. He also realized Yu Jai's talent in Cardio.
- The previous misunderstanding between Yat Kin and Yu Jai is now clear. She seems to like him now.


I'm catching up with this series as I was busy last week. I started a bunch of drama but never get to finish any one of them. I still haven't finished Bottled Passion, which is quite sad :( but knowing how it ends just discourages me to watch it. I skimmed through L'Escargot, which was painful enough for me so I don't plan to properly watch it again. And I'm only half way through Let It Be Love... *sigh* Anyways, back to The Hippocratic Crush:

- Kenneth Ma is so dynamic. In one scene, he was crying his eyes out; then turn around, in another scene, he was yelling at others like he never got to yell before. I don't know if this is just inconsistency in his acting or the script required him to do so. However, I do like his Yat Kin Tau character. I admire his work ethics, his protective manner and his warm personality. Apart from the confusion I had regarding the inconsistency, I think Kenneth has done a good job so far, though this is not something earth-shattering. He still needs to impress me like he did in A Fistful of Stances.

- OK, it turns out that Tavia isn't that bad, though I still think she's boring. As the misunderstanding between her and Yat Kin is now cleared, her character is rather nice to watch in these few episodes. However, the whole sisters and family reunion part is just dragging this series down. It also makes Mandy look like a villain from now on. What a way to ruin a character eh?? I seriously wish that they had removed this part from the drama. I don't know how to judge Mandy anymore, is it her or is it her character that's bad? or both?? I'll leave this till the end. On the other hand, Tavia does look good in professional roles.

- Now onto Him Law: more exaggerating stuff coming from his character. If one day I ever go to a hospital, I definitely wouldn't want to be treated by someone like him. What kind of doctor falls asleep during an operation?? Like seriously?? This is just too much!! And I rather have the script not making him show off his bare chest anymore, one or two scenes are good enough already. I admit that he's cute though, and his character is likeable too.

TVB should stop using these 'jumping-off-building' suicidal scenes. It's not working for me anymore. All talks and no actions!!

Ok, that's enough for now. Anymore of this and it will be painful to read. Stay tuned for the next post.

PS. Must say this again: I love the theme song! Cheers!!


  1. Now onto Him Law: more exaggerating stuff coming from his character. If one day I ever go to a hospital, I definitely wouldn't want to be treated by someone like him. What kind of doctor falls asleep during an operation?? Like seriously?? This is just too much!!

    A lot of people have same thoughts as you, and thought the script was exaggerated but this does happen. As an insider, interns in overworked systems, usually in Asia where they work 36 to 40 hours shift, there will be people who lost a few seconds of consciousness. The surgeon themselves though do not fell asleep because they are usually much more well rested and are performing the procedure themselves. It's the assistant who worked 30+ hours and holding retractor who can have a light moment. They are not superman. Hence, in US there is 80 hour per week rule for doctors and in UK there are 46 hour per week rule because medical due to overworked doctors happen not just once or twice.

    1. It's great to have an insider clarify that for me. Thanks!!