tvb corner is a place where you can find reviews, thoughts, comments on TVB series, actors, actresses and maybe some gossips. For the reviews on the dramas, I may include some recaps so that means there will be spoilers. Be aware! But of course I will indicate where the spoilers are so no worries:) For the comments, it will just be purely my personal opinion so I don't mean to offend anyone. I will also try my best to give constructive criticism instead of just bashing others. Therefore, if you want to comment, you're more than welcome to but I hope that you can also do the same thing, and please, no foul language. I'll appreciate that:)

Unlike most people, I don't grow up with TVB dramas:( I actually watched Mainland, Taiwanese, Singaporean dramas when I was small. However, ever since I moved about 5 years ago, those dramas were no longer available for me so I switched to TVB. In one way, this is way more easier for me to watch since Cantonese is my mother tongue so I don't need any subs or dubs, and no, I don't take any Chinese classes, I learned from talking to my family and I'm still learning now from watching dramas.

With that being said, if I recall correctly, my first TVB drama is actually Armed Reaction. I watched that a long time ago (aka before I moved) and now I know that there are many sequels for it so now I end up don't know which is the one I actually watched:P The only thing I remember from it was that there were Bobby Au Yeung, Esther Kwan, Marco Ngai, and Joyce Tang in it and they were solving some really cool cases that creeped me out. Yeah, that's about it. However, the first series that I watched after I moved and that I actually remember is The Academy (the one with Tavia). And thanks to that, I got hooked onto TVB series.