Tuesday, February 21, 2012

[TVB2012] Wish and Switch 《換樂無窮》 Review

Genre: Modern, romance, comedy
# of Episodes: 20
Producer: Lam Chi Wah
- Myolie Wu as Fan Suk Heung
- Selena Li as Hau Yeuk Hoi (Hailey)
- Johnson Lee as Koo Ka Yan
- Vincent Wong as Wing Yiu (Wayne)
- Ram Chiang as Fan Tai Kit
- Angela Tong as Koo Ka Kam
- Kiki Sheung as Lui Fung

What's it about? Two good friends, Suk Heung and Hailey were unhappy about their lives. They ended up switching their lives with each other through a magical trading website (Try it!!). And problems start as they're trying to cope with the changes...

- Spoilers Alert -

I finally got a chance to finish this series. I watched the whole thing within two days (my family was having a drama marathon over the long weekend). I missed most of the beginning and watched most of the middle and ending. Overall, I think this series is watchable, it's funny, though it has some sad parts. The best part got to be the part when they just switched and tried to live as another person, as Suk Heung was an ordinary housewife before, while Hailey was a rich girl. However towards the end, the series kinda lost its comedy component and became a bit painful to watch. Fortunately, Ram Chiang and Angela Tong saved it for me. I love all the scenes with these two, hilarious!! And I also like the kid who played Suk Heung's little brother. He reminded me of my cousin, who loves to eat so much.

I got a little annoyed by the way they spoke, especially Wayne, as they were constantly mixing English in their conversations. Most of the time, I was trying to understand what they're even talking about. Although this series is supposed to be funny, I found the comedic bits a bit forced. It seems like they're trying to squeeze the comedy in whenever possible, and so it came out unnatural. Towards the end, this series tried to be educational. As a result, it became really annoying to watch, especially the parts where Ka Yan turned 'evil'. God, I hate his character to the core. I actually never like his character, from beginning to end. Suk Heung deserved a better man than him, though I think she's a bit foolish. The storyline of Wayne and Hailey was nicer, but they had too little screen time, which sometimes made me wonder if they're only supporting in this series. I really like the dressing up part, where both Suk Heung and Hailey dressed up as Snow White and Wayne kissed Hailey by mistake. I had a little fangirl moment right there. However, I don't like how they got back together. Wayne just disappeared to the States, all of a sudden came back and said "Will you marry me?" WTH!! That part still bugs me.

Performance wise, Myolie was definitely great in comedy, but I think Selena did a better job in crying. Myolie can really pull off a 'see lai' look. The part where she's about to die was really sad to watch but I don't think Myolie put in enough of emotion there. Selena's acting can still be improved further but first she should learn to say her lines a bit clearer. Vincent Wong was great to watch. He really can act, and he has the charm, but I still think he did better in Gun Metal Grey. Johnson Lee, I don't see him as a lead actor. He doesn't have that look of a lead actor, and his acting was a bit stiff here. He's better in supporting roles. Kiki Sheung, Ram Chiang and Angela Tong were no need to say, they're simply great!!

My rating: 6.4/10

Worth watching? Not a must-watch. Give it a try if you have time.

**Credit: The pictures are taken from tvb.com and just for illustration purpose**

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