Tuesday, March 27, 2012

NEXT TV Awards 2012 Results

Top 10 TV Artistes

1. Moses Chan
2. Charmaine Sheh
3. Myolie Wu
4. Maggie Cheung
5. Linda Chung
6. Bosco Wong
7. Kenneth Ma
8. Tavia Yeung
9. Kevin Cheng
10. Fala Chen

Top 10 TV Programmes

1. When Heaven Burns
2. Forensic Heroes III
3. Ghetto Justice
4. The Other Truth
5. Lives of Omission
6. The Hippocratic Crush
7. L'Escargot
8. Curse of the Royal Harem
9. Yes, Sir. Sorry, Sir!
10. Let It Be Love

Most Potential Male Artiste: Stanley Cheung
Most Potential Female Artiste: Cilla Kung

Best Scene-stealing Supporting Actor: Ben Wong
Best Scene-stealing Supporting Actress: Sharon Chan

Sponsors Awards

Cellbone Beautiful Skin Artiste Award: Suki Chui
GlamSmile Best Smile Artiste Award: Charmaine Sheh
MOISELLE Elegant Fashion Artiste Award: Myolie Wu
Toshiba Extraordinary Voice Artiste Award: Linda Chung
Green Star Artiste Award: Moses Chan

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Congrats to all the award winners!!
Credit to Charmaine's Baidu Forum


YAY!! Finally!! When Heaven Burns got the recognition it deserves. Congrats to the WHB production team and casts!!
I can't believe Kevin ranked 9th only after how popular he got last year.
If The Hippocratic Crush was aired a little bit earlier, I bet it will get into top 5. And I'm so surprised to see Let It Be Love up there... O_o Totally unexpected!!
I'm also surprised that Bottled Passion didn't make it to top 10. I thought it was really popular O_o Did the ending alone have that big of an effect?!

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