Tuesday, March 13, 2012

The Hippocratic Crush: Episode 11-15

This series is so addictive!! Anyways recap first:

- Yat Kin Tau (Kenneth) is finally allowed to do operations again. He also successfully gets Yu Jai (Tavia) to choose Cardiothoracic for her specialist. Yu Jai is grateful to Yat Kin and she also likes him so she decides to confess. However, Yat Kin suggests that they should be friends for now. Yu Jai doesn't give up and is trying her best to make Yat Kin change his mind.
- Mei Suet (Mandy) tries to get along with Yu Jai. But when they just begin to be nice to each other, Mei Suet discovers that she and Yu Jai both like Yat Kin (Yu Jai doesn't know though). She decides not to lose to her sister in winning Yat Kin's love.
- After getting rejected by Yu Jai, Yeung Chung (Him) helps Yu Jai approach Yat Kin.


- One thing I like about this series is its pace. I think the pace is just right, not so draggy, not so rushed. Let's hope that it can maintain this pace till the end. I also want to take back what I said earlier about having too many newcomers in one series. I now find them very fresh, and some can really act too. Kudos to Producer Poon.
- Tavia is growing on me too. She can be really hilarious at times, like the confession scene in the restaurant. I'm still bored with her look though.

- Her expression was priceless!! Also very brave of Yu Jai!! I really like her character. After being rejected by Yat Kin, she didn't avoid him but took a step further in pursuing him. Yes, it's Yu Jai who's pursuing Yat Kin Tau right now. How amazing that is!! Yat Kin also didn't avoid Yu Jai. I guess he's trying to get to know more about her right now, as we can see he's reading and keeping all the letters Yu Jai sent him. Aww... how sweet of him!!

- We don't get to see Him and Mandy as doctors many more. Mandy's Mei Suet is busy thinking how to steal Yat Kin from Yu Jai, while Yeung Chung is being too nice by helping Yu Jai pursue Yat Kin. Yeung Chung is really a nice guy, and a very good friend. Yu Jai is really lucky to have an admirer like him. I don't have anything to say about Him and Mandy actings, they have little to do here. Basically, these episodes are all about love.

- Benjamin is also growing on me. This guy can also be funny. I remember I used to hate dislike him so much last year in Relics of an Emissary. I love the elevator scene of him and Kenneth. However, I want to see him more as a doctor, rather than just a comedic relief here.

Relax... Kenneth can't be that scary!!
- The part with Yat Kin, Ben and his wife (aka Yat Kin's ex) was terrible!! Too cliche, too forced, too..... stupidly done!! But thanks to this, Ben may look at Yat Kin differently now. But still, it was too terrible for me to take, and it ruined a couple of episodes of THC for me. Skip it at all cost!!

- Luckily, episode 15 was a lifesaver. I think it's really well done, that episode alone, by having everyone reflecting on what they're doing. The mood was really sad, and Tavia's voice over also helped. I must give credits to the actor who played Andy and the veteran actress Law Lan (who played the granny). They made this series more enjoyable to watch. I almost cried when Andy and the granny cried, so sad!! And the part with the girl playing air violin on the rooftop... Arghhh, it's just too sad!!
I love how everyone gathered just to watch the operation

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