Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The Hippocratic Crush: Episode 16-20

These few episodes had some really touching moments.

Recap first:
- Andy's grandma finally passed away. She got to see Andy graduated, but he wasn't back in time to see her one last time.
- Yat Kin (Kenneth) finally realized his feeling for Yu Jai (Tavia). He decided to tell her but before he could do so, Mei Suet (Mandy) stopped him.
- Mei Suet confessed to Yat Kin and purposedly kissed him in front of Yu Jai. Yat Kin rejected her and tried to explain to Yu Jai but Yu Jai decided that she would let Mei Suet have Yat Kin so she coldly turned him down.
- Yu Jai was diagnosed with spinal cord tumour. She was scared to get it removed because the risk was high. Yu Jai tried to hide this from everyone but Yeung Chung (Him) found out.


- This series is approaching the end and Tavia has finally come down with a disease, as expected. I don't know how that will affect her character but I'm keeping my fingers crossed because I really like Yu Jai and I hope the tumour doesn't ruin the character for me, at least in these last episodes.

- Like I said before, these few episodes had some really touching moments. Andy's case has come to an end. I felt sorry for him for not able to see his grandma one last time before she died. But at least she got to see him graduated. The actor who played Andy (I still don't know his real name) did a good job. I can actually feel his pain.

- Then we have the case of Yat Kin's brother, Yat Hong (Nathan Ngai). He likes Jing Jing (Candy Chang) but feels that he doesn't match her because of his disability. While he was feeling all depressed, Yu Jai got him a stand-up wheelchair.

- It was indeed a very touching scene. Yat Hong was so happy that he can finally stand up. Everyone was so happy for him too. And Yat Kin Tau, this is one of a hundred reasons why you should choose Yu Jai over Mei Suet.

- Speaking of Mei Suet, I hate her character more as the series goes on. She does nothing to gain her love besides scheming. I can't believe she actually uses her sisterhood with Yu Jai to steal Yat Kin.

- She purposedly called Yu Jai 'big sister' so that Yu Jai would feel she should let her have Yat Kin. Arghhh..... that got me so mad!!
- Then she even forced a kiss on Yat Kin Tau in front of Yu Jai. This girl seriously doesn't deserve anyone in the end!!

- I was so happy when Yat Kin Tau yelled at her in the elevator. She totally deserved that. Benjamin also knocked some sense into her. I really like his speech to her. Does she actually like Yat Kin Tau or just want to win over Yu Jai?

- She even failed as a doctor. That's right, I'm totally against her now!! But I do feel that she's too aggressive to be a doctor. She put the patient's life at risk just to show that she's better.

- Performance wise, I guess Mandy has successfully made her character Mei Suet so despicable. Or is it that Mei Suet is supposed to be less despicable but Mandy's sulky face just killed it? Who knows? And I may have said this a hundred times already but I'm still bored with Tavia's look, though I find her crying skill has some improvement. There's still nothing special coming from Kenneth Ma. Maybe in the last few episodes there will be but so far, Kenneth is still Kenneth. Him Law was barely shown here so no comment. Benjamin Yuen and Nathan Ngai were great.

Another touching scene...
After bickering for 19 episodes, these two are finally together!!

Funny elevator scene. And of course, no Mei Suet!!

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