Friday, March 30, 2012

Status Update

So I'm done with The Hippocratic Crush, now what? I'm still watching Bottled Passion and Let It Be Love. Both are only 20 episodes long but surprisingly took me so long to finish O_o. Anyways, I decided to stop Queens of Diamonds and Hearts 3 weeks ago. I watched the 1st episode of Daddy Good Deeds, skipped 5 episodes, then watched the 6th one (don't ask me why :P) and that's about it. I don't know. It's funny.... but I think I want something more serious at the moment. And plus, I'm so annoyed with everyone in there except for Nancy Wu, Edwin Siu and Steven Ma. And too bad that this is Steven's last series with TVB :(

I think I will have to take a short break from TVB now, and wait until The Greatness of a Hero and Gloves Come Off to air. I watched TGOAH already but I really want to watch GCO. I hope it won't disappoint!! In the mean time, I'll try to finish up BP and LIBL, then start watching some mainland series to brush up my Mando and get myself ready for the mega mainland production which will air this summer............. and that is Legend of Yuan Empire Founder. Ok the reason I want to watch this is because Charmaine and Steven are in it, and plus the trailer looks awesome. The battle scenes are so breath-taking. However, the downside is that both Charmaine and Steven are dubbed, which sucks because I really want to hear their own voices. And they seriously need to replace whoever is dubbing Charmaine in the trailer because she sounds horrible. She doesn't sound authoritative at all but like a little kid trying to act tough!! Anyways, I was almost cheering when Charmaine and Steven appeared and yah, I totally need to watch that :P

Credit to Sehseh

There is actually another series that caught my attention and that is Strangers 6. This series is a collaboration between China, Japan and Korea, and Bowie is in it. I got a chance to watch a few minutes of the first episode and I think it was great already. But more importantly, no one is dubbed. NO ONE. Everyone is speaking using their own voice, in their own language. You'll have to read the sub if you don't understand. So far, I only found Japanese sub and Chinese sub for it, no Eng sub yet. I'm fine with Chinese sub but I prefer English so I think I might wait, unless someone found it and tell me where I can watch it. Thank you in advance :D

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