Wednesday, December 12, 2012

TVB 45th Anniversary Awards Nomination: My Favorite Male Character

No matter how you look at it, this is still a consolation for losing the Best award. Although in some rare occasion, TVB may give it to the same artiste to prove that they are not dividing pork.

Kenneth Ma as Cheung Yat Kin (The Hippocratic Crush)
- Yat Kin Tau is just lovable in general, enough said.

Bobby Au Yeung as Kiu Bo Lung (House of Harmony and Vengeance)
- Sadly, he's just nominated for the sake of being nominated. And no, I don't like his character either.

Bosco Wong as Hui Wai Sam (Witness Insecurity)
- Haven't watched much of Hui Sir but I'm pretty sure he's one of the more likable ones on the list.

Kevin Cheng as Law Lik Ah (Ghetto Justice II)
- After GJ2, the love and respect I originally had for Law Ba all vanished. Good job TVB!!

Moses Chan as Miu Tin (The Last Steep Ascent)
- Sorry but I love Hak Jai/Angus from When Heaven Burns more.

Michael Miu as Gordon Heung Wing (Highs and Lows)
- Gordon was just so interesting to watch. I love that his character remains good in the end.

Raymond Lam as Happy Wai Sai Lok (Highs and Lows)
- This Happy is not that happy to me. Sorry but I don't really like his character.

Damian Lau as Arthur Chung Cheuk Man (Silver Spoon, Sterling Shackles)
- Ehh?! His harem is just disgusting!!

Wayne Lai as Li Lin Ying (The Confidant)
- The (a bit more) masculine version of Lau Sam Ho --- not my like at the moment.

Raymond Wong as Yiu Seung Hei (The Confidant)
- For now, his character is likeable but his storyline doesn't do him justice.


Top 5: Kenneth Ma, Bosco Wong, Kevin Cheng, Raymond Lam, Wayne Lai

Winner: Kenneth Ma
- I have a feeling that Kenneth will walk away with at least something.

Poll from TVB Forum

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