Wednesday, December 12, 2012

TVB 45th Anniversary Awards Nomination: Best Supporting Actor

Now this list is even more interesting than the Best Actor list!!

Oscar Leung (L'Escargot)
- That outrageous slap he gave Mandy's character was still memorable to me. Yes, Oscar was good in LE, but I think I like him more in Tiger Cubs.

Him Law (The Hippocratic Crush)
- Him's character in THC was likable but it didn't put his acting to the test. He's decent in my opinion.

Edwin Siu (Daddy Good Deeds)
- Ah Yap was just too funny in DGD, truly the star of the show.

Ram Chiang (Witness Insecurity)
- Ram is a good actor and I know it. It's just that I haven't watched much of him in WI so I can't say much. He was awesome in Wish and Switch too.

Jazz Lam (Ghetto Justice II)
- I feel that Jazz was losing steam in GJ2, nevertheless, he was good. It's a different side of him that we don't usually get to see.

Koo Ming Wah (Divas in Distress)
- We usually see him in the background in every series, but now we all know his name. That's just impressive!! Koo Ming Wah really stood out in DID and even overshadowed the leads of the show.

Kenny Wong (The Last Steep Ascent)
- Kenny was alright in TLSA. I think he showed even more emotions than Moses did.

Vincent Wong (Silver Spoon, Sterling Shackles)
- Vincent has always been a decent actor and he did good in SSSS too, though I don't think the role really suits him.

Power Chan (The Confidant)
- I adore him so much in TC. He is what makes TC enjoyable for me at the moment. Power has always been a good actor, it's just that he's often stuck with roles that didn't do him justice.

Elliot Ngok (The Confidant)
- From what I have seen so far, his character is pretty one-note, just evil, evil and more evil.

I really want to see Joel Chan on this list. He was awesome in TLSA. Who else? Ah yes, Lee Shing Cheung. He's one of the saving factors of Three Kingdoms RPG, and he was good in King Maker too. Last but not least, people seem to have forgotten Eric Li from Bottled Passion ~~ quite sad!!


Top 5: Oscar Leung, Him Law, Edwin Siu, Koo Ming Wah, Power Chan

Winner: Power Chan
- It's probably time for TVB to recognize the talented but underrated supporting actor who is often referred to as Wayne Lai #2 (even my family mixed them up!!)

Poll from TVB Forum

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