Wednesday, December 12, 2012

TVB 45th Anniversary Awards Nomination: Most Improved Female Artiste

Unlike in the Most Improved Male Artiste category, I see no competition here, at all!!

Eliza Sam
- Eliza showed potential as an actress in her first major role in Divas in Distress. She did fine for her part, though her acting is still very raw and seems to be overdramatic sometimes. However, considering that it was only her second time acting, she deserves praises. Eliza can wait a year or two so she can try out different roles first before she can get Most Improved.

Christine Kuo
- Christine was in 2 series this year and she was horrible in both series. The fact that she ruined a big chunk of Ghetto Justice II and Tiger Cubs was enough for me to avoid her series in the near future. She should improve her Cantonese and try to control her voice in those crying scenes. Maybe then she will become more tolerable. As for now, Most Improved?? Nahh!!

Mandy Wong
- Mandy shows diversity in her acting, although she seems to be more comfortable in those strong female roles. Nonetheless, her acting is consistent and she is the strongest one among the 5 nominees.

Cilla Kung
- Cilla seems to be stuck in those little sister roles, which is starting to make her acting dull. Cilla this year seems no difference from Cilla last year. In fact, last year she still managed to impress me with her short appearance in Forensic Heroes III. This year, none of her roles so far really captures my attention. As for Most Improved, she can wait.

Katy Kung
- Katy is another actress that I think has potential. However, so far she also seems to be stuck in one type of character. She is very young (just turned 23) and still has a lot of time to improve and try different roles. She's in no rush of getting this award.

There is someone else that I think should have been nominated in place of Christine Kuo and that is JJ Jia. JJ is in a lot of series this year and I think she is decent as an actress, at least more tolerable.


Winner: Mandy Wong
- I don't think anyone will have problem with Mandy winning. This is her year. In fact, I would be really shocked if Mandy won't win.

Poll from TVB Forum

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