Monday, December 3, 2012

Highs and Lows: Ending thoughts

I skipped so much of this that I don't think I'll write a review for it, but I managed to catch the finale so here's a few thoughts I have...

BOOM BANG BOOM... *scream*...*sob*... BOOM BANG... *scream*...*scream**... BANG BOOM... *sob**scream*... *sob* [insert ending song here]... BOOM BANG... *scream*... *scream*... BANG BOOM... *scream*...*sob*... BOOM BANG BOOM... *scream*...*sob*... [insert ending song here]

I can go on but that's my overall impression on the finale in case you're wondering. There's not much difference comparing to other police drama (ie. Tiger Cubs) but the idea of Pat escaping the explosion here is more believable than how Chin Sir escaped the explosion back in TC, so I guess producer Lam Chi Wah kinda learned his lesson.

Let's begin with MC Jin. His character was pretty much useless from beginning to end. And his death was just plain stupid. Seriously, what a stupid way to die!! I didn't feel much for him.
Another scene that I didn't feel much for - Pat and Sandy visited one another when they were hospitalized. It just feels so... wrong, and OOC too, not to mention how cheesy it was..... ack!!
Happy Sir got furious and was raging when Sandy was shot and hospitalized. But whatever the situation is, he seriously needs anger management. Look at how calm Gordon is comparing to him...
And Michael Miu was just gorgeous as Gordon. Love that smirk right there...
The famous gun-pointing scene. Again, Happy needs anger management. He's the only raging one there out of the three. Ok, I understand why he's like that, but still, he needs to control himself more.
I bet Raymond and Ella had fun filming this scene!! It looks fun already -- shooting water bottles~~
And I had fun watching this scene too thanks to Poon Sir's priceless expressions!!
The ending for each character is... well, I won't complain because I think it's a fitting ending for everyone (maybe except for Poon Sir). It makes sense considering how the story was developed and where it was heading. Don't even think about complaining how Pat couldn't survive at the end because that would just be beyond TVB magic, even Happy Sir and Sandy agreed with me on this one (trust me, they were expecting her to be dead... and wish granted!!)

Well, I meant... it was Pat's fault for recklessly running out like that. Sure she survived the explosion but the next minute she just technically threw away her life just to tell Poon Sir "Hey dude, this is your baby. I don't want to kill him myself because I just can't, but since I hate you so much, why not just let you kill him for me? And since you're killing your own son, I got my revenge so haha" But in the end, the baby survived so I guess it's still Poon Sir who got the last laugh. Very satisfying eh?
But in the end, Pat got to die in Happy's arm so I guess that's like a consolation for what she's been through?! Anyways, it could have been much better if they killed her in a more... um... logical way?!
Gordon's death was touching indeed. After so many things he did, I guess death was the most fitting ending for him. All his speeches to Happy in this last episode were quite touching, and his funeral scene was really sad too, like when Helen put the ring on for him...
My favorite moment? Hmm... I don't know, but it's probably when Hong Sir (Patrick Dunn) spotted the criminal on Poon Sir's boat with his binocular and did nothing about it, then later just watched him exploded right in front of his eyes. HELL YEAH.... That's the boss of the police for ya!!
(~~sorry... no cap for this scene~~)

Thank God Happy Sir and Sandy didn't end up together!! It just wouldn't make sense if Happy suddenly fell in love with Sandy after like... 29.5 episodes he'd been in love with Pat!! And that bubble scene is just way beyond lame!!
The special appearance of the Tiger Cubs cast was... well, not exactly how I wanted it to be. I would like it much better if they appeared as the SDU and helped out in an operation or something, but then I guess they can't steal the lime light away from the main cast so this is the path they had to take: quitting their position as the cooler-looking SDU members and transfered here to get bossed around by Sandy... ai-yah!! I seriously don't like seeing my favorite sniper doing this... noooooooo......
Last scene: Happy Sir with Pat's and Poon Sir's son (lol... how much does that annoys you?! :P)

Performance wise, I think Raymond OTT in a lot of scenes from beginning to end. I'm disappointed Raymond!! You used to act good. What happened to you?? Michael Miu was great though. The way he showed his conflicted mind was good. If the Best Actor award must be given to someone from HAL, I think Michael would deserve it more than Raymond. (But too bad Michael is not even nominated =.=) Kate was great too, though not perfect. I'm impressed with her crying scenes. She improved so much in showing her character's emotions. However, sometimes she still had a blank look on her face, like she didn't know how to emote in those certain scenes. But overall, it was a good performance from Kate. Ella was ok, not that good but not that bad either. I've always been neutral towards Ella, that's why I don't understand all those hypes and hopes for her before the series aired, then later just to get disappointed when her character turned out annoying. Ben Wong was great as the outright nasty Poon Sir. It's a shame that he didn't get nominated for Best Supporting. Elaine Ng was bad. This is my first time watching her and I think she was inadequate.

Lastly, if you think HAL is boring and not worth watching, consider this:

BOOM BANG BOOM... *scream*...*sob*... BOOM BANG... *scream*...*scream**... BANG BOOM... *sob**scream*... *sob* [insert ending song here]... BOOM BANG... *scream*... *scream*... BANG BOOM... *scream*...*sob*... BOOM BANG BOOM... *scream*...*sob*... [insert ending song here]

It certainly will keep you entertained, at least for the last episode!!

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