Tuesday, December 4, 2012

TVB 2013 Sales Presentation

Sniper Attack 2013 《神槍狙擊2013》

Looks a bit too exaggerated with the flying bullets and stuff. I'm also tired of hearing the phrase "The best of the best", but I would love to watch a series with the SDU again.

The Love Firm 《傳愛事務所》

Ehh? I thought this series was supposed to be serious. Wayne was just great, the way he talked was hilarious. Some girls were doing the horse dance on the boat lol...

A Great Way to Care II 《仁心解碼2》

Looks good. A Great Way to Care was good, so hopefully the second one will be good too. I'm happy to see Yoyo Mung again, but I will miss Kate's Monkey. Tavia's role looks interesting too.

Inbound Troubles 《老表,你好嘢》

Looks funny enough. I want to see how Wong Cho Lam does as scriptwriter. Hopefully I won't be disappointed. I love their accents here!!

Cold Mountain, Hidden Dragon 《寒山潛龍》

O_o What the heck did I just watch?! From costume to hair to acting... blehhh!! They have two major problems here that MUST be fixed if they are to make this series: 1) Raymond's hair and costume and 2) CHANGE ALL THOSE ACTRESSES!! I mean it!!

A Change of Heart 《好心作怪》

Hmm... This looks good!! I find it random though how Niki just rushed into the operation room with a gun like that. Bosco looks badass!!

Unrequited Love in Two Cities 《單戀雙城》

Looks more like a Taiwanese drama to me. The only one I know and recognize in there is Aimee Chan, and since my reaction to Aimee is just 'mehh', I guess I'll pass.

Food for the Slaves 《食為奴》

I love how this clip focuses on Ron instead of Raymond. I'm totally against Raymond in Qing Emperor costume so hopefully they will change the cast (then Ray will have no series next year eh?!)

The Hippocratic Crush II 《On Call 36小時II》

Hopefully the sequel can live up to the first one. And just who will this mysterious female lead be??

Big Wheel 《巨輪》

I'm actually looking forward to this the most. I love stories about brotherhood like this. Reminds me of those old series, like At the Threshold of an Era. Plus, Kristal is really pretty here.

Love Reverses Three Lifetimes of Fate 《情逆三世緣》

A bit disappointed in this clip. It looks too... trivial. Anyways, I'm still looking forward to this series. Bobby and Esther FTW!!

Rosy Business III 《巾幗梟雄之諜血長天》

I'm totally against the idea of using the same title Rosy Business for this one. Change it to something else seriously!! BUT I'm not against the production of this series, including the cast. I'm just an audience, if it's a good series, of course I want it to be filmed, with the cast as the producer sees fit. On a side note, Myolie's daomadan look is just plain scary!!


  1. The Sales Pres clips make the dramas so exciting! Hopefully they will actually live up to it. I'm looking forward to Rosy Business 3 the most even though I would have preferred Sheren, but there's still Wayne!

    Female costar for Lawrence in THC2 will be Louise So.

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  2. Yes I would love to see Sheren acting with Wayne again, but let's see what Lee Tim Sing has to offer by using Myolie.

    Oh so it's confirmed that it will be Louisa So? Haven't seen her in ages