Wednesday, December 12, 2012

TVB 45th Anniversary Awards Nomination: Most Improved Male Artiste

Competition is fierce in this category, especially among Oscar, Edwin and Him.

Vincent Wong
- Vincent has more chance to show off his acting skill this year. In Wish and Switch, he is the second male lead. In Tiger Cubs, his memorable scene at the end generated heated discussion among the audience. In Silver Spoons, Sterling Shackles, his acting skill gained recognition and even got nominated for this year Best Supporting Actor. Vincent has charm and no doubt can act. However, the timing is off for him this year as he is up against some strong competitors.

King Kong
- King Kong is decent as an actor but his biggest weak point is his Cantonese. Starring in 3 series and 4 variety shows, King Kong is definitely working hard this year. Not to mention this poor guy has been the bully target of Eric Tsang whenever they host shows together. Sympathy points anyone?

Oscar Leung
- Oscar comes out as one of the biggest surprises this year. At the beginning of the year, Oscar generated some buzz by portraying a useless, immature brother in L'Escargot. Later in Tiger Cubs, he continued to impress the audience with his charm and acting skill. Who could ever forget the trademark wink of our beloved sniper? Oscar currently hopes to leave one last impression on the audience before the awards show by taking on the role of Emperor Tongzhi in The Confidant. He is no doubt a strong contender for this year Most Improved.

Edwin Siu
- Acting wise, Edwin is probably the strongest one among the 5 nominees. This year, he showed great potential in both comedy and villainous roles. Edwin also earns himself some lead roles in upcoming series. His most memorable role this year is probably Ah Yap from Daddy Good Deeds, which is also nominated for the Best Supporting category. But since this series was aired earlier this year, will the forgetful audience still remember how great he was?

Him Law
- It's his physique that kills!! And to top that off, Him is also a decent actor, not to mention his romance with one of the hot favorites for this year TV Queen, even though by no means this should ever be considered as a factor that can influence one's chance of getting the award. Among the 5 nominees, Him probably has the greatest news value. However, none of his roles this year are that outstanding and memorable.


Winner: Him Law
- A poll from TVB forum shows that Oscar, Edwin and Him have roughly the same number of supporters. However, TVB will probably see the greatest marketing value from Him.

Poll from TVB Forum

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