Tuesday, December 11, 2012

TVB 45th Anniversary Awards Nomination: Best Actor

Kenneth Ma (The Hippocratic Crush)
- I hate to say this but the best acting from Kenneth this year is not from THC but from Three Kingdoms RPG!! It's not that Kenneth wasn't good in THC but he was inconsistent at times. It's the better quality script of THC and the likeableness of his character Yat Kin Tau that make it seem otherwise. But since he's nominated for this role and just by looking solely at this role, I don't think he's ready for Best Actor.

Roger Kwok (Queens of Diamonds and Hearts)
- Roger was OTT in QODAH from beginning to end, except for a few episodes near the end where he took on the role of Chung Mo Yim. But since TVB is short on talents (I'm not saying that Roger isn't talented though) and in a way they wanted to make this list seem 'heavier', they would automatically throw in Roger. So basically Roger is just nominated for the sake of being nominated.

Kevin Cheng (Gloves Come Off)
- Kevin is nominated for the correct role. I remember I said that he acted better in GCO than in Ghetto Justice, then he was even worse in GJ2 so this is the right nomination. Judging from his performance in GCO, I think he deserves a spot on the nomination list. But Best Actor? Not quite!!

Raymond Wong (Gloves Come Off)
- Ray Wong should be nominated for his role in Bottled Passion instead. His acting in GCO was good too but he was better in BP.

Joe Ma (Tiger Cubs)
- Joe was bland in Tiger Cubs, both his acting and his character. In fact, Joe in Tiger Cubs was just for show. There was nothing memorable about his performance. And I don't think the role required much acting from him either.

Bosco Wong (Witness Insecurity)
- From the little bits and pieces I watched, Bosco had little to do so no comment.

Moses Chan (The Last Steep Ascent)
- Moses' performance in TLSA was inadequate. He should be nominated for his role in When Heaven Burns instead. But since this award is decided by audience vote, there's no difference because what most people care about is the artiste himself and not his performance in that particular series. Again, wrong nomination so no Best Actor for Moses.

Raymond Lam (Highs and Lows)
- Raymond gave a rather disappointing performance in HAL. I expected more from him. In recent years, his acting seems to have downgraded. This is not Raymond's year, in term of performance.

Damian Lau (Silver Spoon, Sterling Shackles)
- Haven't watched enough of him in SSSS to fairly comment on his performance.

Wayne Lai (The Confidant)
- Haven't watched a whole lot of TC yet but from what I have seen so far, Wayne was good.

Bowie Lam from WHB, Adam Cheng from MOP and Michael Miu from HAL should also be on this nomination list for their brilliant performances in their respective series.


Top 5: Kenneth Ma, Moses Chan, Raymond Lam, Damian Lau, Wayne Lai

Winner: Raymond Lam. Cuz his fans say so.

Poll from TVB Forum

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