Sunday, May 6, 2012

"The Four" female version?!

Remember the series The Four that aired back in 2008? Well, I was surfing on baidu the other day and I found this female version of The Four poster made by a fan, starring Charmaine Sheh as Heartless (無情), Tavia Yeung as Iron Fist (鐵手), Kate Tsui as Cold Blood (冷血), and Nancy Wu as Chaser (追命).

Credit to 婷 from Charmaine's Baidu Forum

After seeing that, I now really want TVB to make this come true. I want a wuxia series for a change. Of course, Charmaine left TVB already so someone else may fill in for the role of Heartless :) If it actually does come true, who do you want to see in each role?

p.s. I see KenTa (aka MingYi) <3


  1. haha so you're a Kenta fan xD The Four female version...hmm..I remember seeing a really good fan made mv for this too...

    It would be interesting to see tvb produce a female version (hopefully better than the original, which fell badly on it's female castings :P).

  2. yes I'm a KenTa fan at the moment, but I still prefer Kenneth and Selena :)

    I agree that the female casting of the original one was really weak. And again, I only like Kenneth and Selena in the original one :P