Thursday, May 10, 2012

Tang Chi Wai Flash Back Concert 《鄧智偉平行回憶演唱會》

Tang Chi Wai is a music producer of TVB. His works include some of TVB memorable theme songs, for example Heart of Greed theme 《講不出聲》 sung by Susanna Kwan, The Drive of Life subtheme 《愛在記憶中找你》 sung by Raymond Lam, and recently the theme of The Hippocratic Crush 《連續劇》 sung by Joey Yung. On May 4th and 5th, 2012, Tang Chi Wai held a concert at Star Hall, inviting numerous singers to perform some of his classic songs. I've actually noticed his name for quite a long time already when it appeared at the ending credits of a drama episode because his songs usually sound good.

Raymond Lam and Tang Chi Wai singing 《愛在記憶中找你》

Credit to 情人知己Vivian

Aww... Tang Chi Wai was crying at the beginning. His singing is actually pretty ok too. He usually works at backstage, now he has a chance to perform part of his own song onstage.

Raymond Lam singing 《愛不疚》

Credit to 情人知己Vivian

Wow... Raymond is really sweaty in this clip. It must be really hot in there. I don't know why now every time I listen to this song, I think of Linda singing in Daddy Good Deeds... haha

Linda Chung singing 《傷城記》 and 《發誓》

Credit to SuperLindachung @ Youtube

I never like the theme song of L'Escargot. The pitch is too low and the song is too slow, not my type of music. Linda is not bad performing live. I like the second song she sang. Where is Ron anyways?

Ron Ng singing 《別怪她》

Credit to ZitKieng @ Youtube
Never mind, Ron is here. He looks good!! I like the song he sang, though I feel like he kinda messed up on the tune =.=

Niki Chow singing 《朝花夕拾》

Credit to NikiChowFC @ Youtube

Niki is not bad singing live too. She sounded almost like the original one. However, I don't think her voice was powerful enough. 

Alfred Hui singing 《連續劇》

Credit to rainalpw @ Youtube

Too bad Joey can't sing it this time. Alfred's voice isn't suitable for this song, though I think he sang pretty ok too.

Bosco Wong singing 《幸而》 and 《只得一次》

Leo Ku and Wayne Lai singing 《義海豪情》

Credit to starshk @ Youtube

WOW!! Bosco's singing..... and his pose..... and his look too..... o_O I'm speechless!! He scared me!! LOL... This is actually my favourite clip of all. Bosco seemed really into it, and he's singing Myolie's song too <3 When he picked up the megaphone, I laughed so hard for some reason. Wow... Bosco!! Producer Chik might have considered adding him to the cast of Master of Play too cuz his look right now fit the series perfectly haha...

Leo sounds great as usual. His voice is amazing. This is also the first time I feel that Wayne's singing is powerful because he usually sounds really soft when he sings. May 4th is actually Wayne's birthday so Leo sang a birthday song 'No Regrets version' for him on the spot haha...

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