Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Master of Play: Episode 1

The beginning was so explosive!! It can creep you out within the first 15 min, which actually contains the most exciting part of this episode.

It started off with the police investigating a crime scene, a horrifying crime scene. One of the victims had one arm chopped off, but was kept alive by the killer.

And that victim was Maggie. Look who's sitting there watching her...

It was none other than the one who chopped her arm off, the serial killer Tsui Wing!! He told her the story of Dexter and Sinister, and said that his mission was to send all the good people back to God.

Tsui Wing was really scary!! Poor Maggie who had to lie there and listen to his wicked story. If I were her, I would be wetting my pants already!!

Maggie was really good in this scene. She showed her fear really well through her eyes...

Tsui Wing finally killed himself with a knife right in front of her... o_O

Adam was a theatre master. The scene where he was sticking on the mustache while rehearsing his play was well done

An affair between Adam and Rebecca Chan?!

Adam's daughter Tansy was mistakenly kidnapped and killed 25 years ago but he believed that she didn't die and continued to look for her. He kept meeting her in his dream. By the way, is that Mars?

The first episode didn't show much of Moses. He seemed like a nice guy at the moment, but I know he's not. He cheered Maggie up after that nightmarish incident.

It's good to see Maggie was able to stand up again. She even played fencing. She now had an artificial arm

Maggie and Moses had been dating for 3 years already. I guess what happened before was 3 years ago?!

Moses proposed to Maggie. For some reason this scene reminded me of Tung Bun Sin from Bottled Passion, also some magic trick and a ring :)

Again, Maggie was really good in the first episode. Her tears were convincing in this scene too.

Last but not least, the sand art at the end of this episode was really nice and fitting. It added an artistic touch to the series. Tsui Wing's narration was good too.

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