Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Sergeant Tabloid: Episode 12-13

This is a really funny scene in episode 12. Niki's character was often teased and pranked by Michael's character, who is a reporter. This time, Niki decided to get him back. When Michael was about to confess to the girl he loves, Niki suddenly popped up out of nowhere and said to him how she knew he has liked her (Niki) all this time and she likes him too, which made Michael feel really awkward in front of his girl. Of course he rejected her in the end but Niki knew she has gotten her revenge!!

Look at both of their faces. Priceless!!

When Michael was about to leave, Niki even said that she'll wait for him!! :D
Michael looked so troubled!!

And after he left, look at her...

I love the evil smile in the last picture!!

One thing I really like about this series is the bond Niki and her friends share. They treat each other like sisters. This is definitely much better than those palace/family scheming scenes. Normally when they get together, they do boxing.

When one person has trouble, they all come out and comfort that person. Like this scene in episode 13 when Koni was crying, they called each other out and talked to her.

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