Thursday, May 24, 2012

Master of Play: Episode 2

Episode 2 was rather suspenseful. It focused a lot more on Moses. However, he still remains very mysterious. Now the killing game just started!!

Aimee played Moses' sister. It looks like she's the mysterious person who has been bringing Tansy flowers to Adam. I'm not used to seeing Aimee in long hair.

Now it's Moses' turn!! He just stood there like that, staring at his target, emotionless!! I think this guy is his uncle or something, I'm not sure...

... and the killing begins!! Moses was strangling him to death.

He wrapped the corpse in plastic bag and put it in a box. I love how so many people were passing by his van, even looking into it, but no one would expect what's in there!!

And Aimee was the one who pushed that box out. Of course, she didn't know what's inside.

They were even sitting on it, still clueless!!

... and she placed it inside Moses' studio.

UH OHHH!! Someone will find out soon...

... and?

NOPE!! He had moved the corpse to the box behind it beforehand. Phewww....


What will he do with the corpse?

... and the ashes?


Just like in When Heaven Burns, something gruesome was shown in parallel with food!! Producer Chik really wants us to barf haha!!

Next target: Maggie's mom??

And so that was one life already!! I wonder how long he's been doing this. Does Aimee know about this? Does Maggie know about this? It's still not clear what his intention is and why he's like this.

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