Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Korean Ginseng?!

If you understand Chinese, you will see that TVB sometimes likes to give weird names to the characters in the drama (probably for comedic purpose). What I meant by 'weird' is that the name when you sound it out, it sounds like something else with a completely different meaning. Take Can't Buy Me Love for example, Linda's character is Ng Si Tak (吳四德) but it sounds like 唔死得 or 'Cannot Die'. There are also examples from Ghetto Justice, in particular:

- Myolie Wu's Wong Si Fu (王思苦) ~~ 黃師傅 or Master Wong (refering to kungfu master Wong Fei Hung)
- Sharon Chan's Ho Lee Ching (何利貞) ~~ 狐狸精 or Fox Spirit = slut
- Joyce Tang's Tai Ng Ting (第五婷) ~~ 第五庭 or The Fifth Court

So... what do all these have to do with Korean Ginseng? From last year drama (2010), I just realize that there were two characters in two different dramas having similar names:

My Better Half <老公萬歲> - Maggie Cheung as Ko Lai Sum (高勵心)

When Lanes Merge <情越雙白線> - Kate Tsui as Ko Lai Sum (高麗芯)

This is of course no big deal but their name is Ko Lai Sum, which sounds like 高麗参 or Korean Ginseng!! :D Yea, I just want to point that out because the first time I heard it, I giggled for some reasons but I didn't know why. Now I know. And coincidently, I found two of them too, that's a bit odd.

**Credit: The pictures are taken from and just for illustration purpose**

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