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TVB 2011 Series Overview

As the year 2011 is almost over, let's go through a quick overview of the dramas that were released this year. This year dramas, as recorded, have the lowest ratings comparing to the previous years. I blame TVB for this as it chose the wrong series to air. We see the same faces on screen all year round!! I also blame the scripts, and as people are saying how the scripts are getting worse and worse every year, yes I can see that. This year, there are also many good artistes leaving TVB, including my favorite Charmaine:( To those who left, I wish them good luck. To TVB, I hope it can make better drama next year as there are now competing TV stations in HK. Now back to 2011 series, I can say that I watch almost all of them. Yes, almost! Some were too boring or illogical to capture my attention so I skipped them. And I also skipped sitcoms and mini series.

Twilight Investigation - 囧探查過界 (haha~囧)
Casts: Wong Hei, Linda Chung, Raymond Wong, Power Chan, Johnson Lee
Comments: Very enjoyable series, although I found it a bit weird with the supernatural element. Linda is very funny in here, same goes to Power Chan. Raymond Wong also did well. The length is also perfect (20 episodes).
Recommended? Yes

Links to Temptation - 誘情轉駁
Casts: Steven Ma, Fala Chen, Yoyo Mung, Johnson Lee
Comments: This series is weird. Every character is weird. The story itself is weird too, although some part with Yoyo was interesting. I don't like Fala's character in this series, but I like the interaction between her and Yoyo. No comment on Steven Ma.
Recommended? No

Home Troopers - 居家兵團
Casts: Ha Yu, Liza Wang, Kevin Cheng, Bernice Liu, Mandy Wong
Comments: did not watch so no comment. Don't plan to watch it either. The story doesn't appeal to me.

A Great Way to Care - 仁心解碼
Casts: Alex Fong, Kate Tsui, Raymond Wong, Vivien Yeo
Comments: I watched this already in 2009 so this is just from my memory. This is a good series to watch as the cases were so interesting! The way Alex uses psychology to solve crime is really cool too. I like the chemistry between him and Kate. The story line of Raymond Wong and Vivien Yeo is really cute too.
Recommended? Yes

7 Days in Life - 隔離七日情
Casts: Steven Ma, Sonija Kwok, Bosco Wong, Joyce Cheng, Patrick Tang, Mimi Lo, Yuen Wah
Comments: This series is rather unusual, don't know if it's in a good or bad way. The story seems to drag sometimes, but maybe that's because they're telling a 7-day long story in 20 episodes. But whatever the reason, I rather enjoyed it. Steven Ma's role for once isn't a goodie type. What I liked most is the trio Patrick, Mimi and the kid Coleman Tam. Their story line is hilarious. But watching Sonija and Bosco together is just really weird cuz they look like brother and sister instead of lovers. And how can I forget the 'epicness' of Yuen Wah!!
Recommended? Yes

The Rippling Blossom - 魚躍在花見
Casts: Chilam Cheung, Myolie Wu, Michael Tse, Tavia Yeung, Damian Lau, Pierre Ngo
Comments: I love the scenery, the food, and of course Chilam!!! This series is a must-watch if you like Chilam or just love sushi. It made me so hungry!! The best part of the drama is the chemistry between Chilam, Myolie and Damian. Seeing Damian in his character is really refreshing. Myolie did well too. What drags this series down is the part with Michael and Tavia. Their story doesn't make sense to me and it's very annoying watching them.
Recommended? Yes (ignoring the Michael and Tavia part)

Only You - 只有您
Casts: Louise Lee, Kevin Cheng, Yoyo Mung, Kristal Tin, Evergreen Mak
Comments: I had low expectation for this series because the story didn't appeal to me at first. But I was wrong. I really enjoyed watching it, it gave me a very warm feeling seeing all the couples getting married. Kevin Cheng's crying scenes were good too since he did no yelling at all. I think he can cry in this drama. Yoyo was really fun to watch. Her character is hilarious. Same goes to Kristal Tin and Evergreen Mak, they have so much chemistry. The only thing I have to complain is that it's a bit too long (30 episodes)
Recommended? Yes

Grace Under Fire - 女拳
Casts: Liu Xuan, Kenneth Ma, Bosco Wong, Fala Chen, John Chiang, Dominic Lam
Comments: The story feels so messed up! This drama is boring, especially in the middle part, it's very draggy. The only part I enjoyed was the trio Liu Xuan, Power Chan and Oscar Leung, they're acting like little kids, so cute:) Bosco... no comments but seeing him like that in the drama is fresh. Fala, I like her character. I like her interactions with Bosco and Kenneth too. Liu Xuan is new, she is cute but is lacking in the acting. Kenneth is annoying here. But the ending... very satisfying!!! That's all I can say.
Recommended? No

Relic of an Emissary - 洪武三十二
Casts: Michael Tse, Joe Ma, Kate Tsui, Sammul Chan, Elanne Kong, Joel Chan
Comments: The casts didn't appeal to me, but I did watch it, the entire drama. Overall, the story is just ok in my opinion. I don't like Michael Tse though. Joe Ma, although there were some inappropriate scenes, I thought he did well in his role. I enjoyed watching Sammul the most. He and Macy Chan are quite cute together. I find Elanne Kong really annoying, don't like her. Some may find her cute, but not me. Kate... hm no comments, I just think that she fits the role. That's it!
Recommended? No

Yes, Sir. Sorry, Sir! - 點解阿Sir係阿Sir
Casts: Moses Chan, Tavia Yeung, Ron Ng, Linda Chung
Comments: I literally turned off the TV after the first episode! I don't think I need to say more. But then, after I heard some news about Linda's acting in one part of the drama, I searched for it online and specifically watched that part only. Yup, she did well.
Recommended? No, except for Linda's crying scene

My Sister of Eternal Flower - 花花世界花家姐
Casts: Charmaine Sheh, Raymond Lam, Pierro Ngo, Toby Leung, Jazz Lam
Comments: I love Charmaine but I just couldn't continue watching after episode 5. I did try my best but that just didn't work. So... I can only say: No, I don't like it!!!
Recommended? No, unless you like the casts

Ghetto Justice - 怒火街頭
Casts: Kevin Cheng, Myolie Wu, Sam Lee, Jazz Lam, Joyce Tang, Sharon Chan
Comments: This is a must-watch, whether you like Kevin or not, you will like him after you finish this drama. His character Law Ba is so awesome. But sorry Kevin, yes you were awesome but you still couldn't cry after all (did well in Only You though). Myolie Wu is a bit annoying here, or maybe that's just her character. Sam Lee, I have no comment. Sharon Chan did well and Jazz Lam... OMG, Jazz Lam, what a surprise!! I love his character very much and he portrayed it very well. But he and Joyce Tang together is really weird. The theme song is a bonus.
Recommended? Yes

Wax and Wane - 團圓
Casts: Roger Kwok, Sunny Chan, Ron Ng, Kate Tsui, Toby Leung, Him Law
Comments: This series is too LOUD! Yes, too loud, especially the first few episodes (well, actually the entire drama). I’m kind of sick of the family feud type of drama, battling over inheritance, business… boring!! Sunny and Ron’s characters are the worst in here. Roger did well. He and Kate have surprisingly good chemistry. Toby’s character is also quite cute here as well. There are so many boring parts that I skipped so overall I don’t like this drama.
Recommended? No

The Other Truth - 真相
Casts: Ruco Chan, Tavia Yeung, Raymond Wong, Louis Yuen, Natalie Tong
Comments: The cases are pretty interesting in this drama. Unlike Ghetto Justice, the series is case-driven, which also explains why there is little character or relationship development, so in the end, it’s a bit dry. Nevertheless, the jury part is interesting. And the appearance of Kenneth Ma is awesome too. The series mainly focuses on Ruco because it feels like he did all the work.
Recommended? Yes

The Life and Times of a Sentinel - 紫禁驚雷
Casts: Steven Ma, Kenneth Ma, Ching Hor Wai, Selena Li, Natalie Tong, Elaine Yiu, Power Chan
Comments: This is a bit like Relic of an Emissary, also about fighting for the throne. The story is a bit draggy in the middle so it’s kinda boring. However, the ending is great, although it’s a bit tragic. Steven is just playing his same old character. Kenneth shows so many sides of his character so it’s really interesting watching him. Selena has no point of being here. Natalie is annoying. Ching Hor Wai and Elaine did well in their roles. I like watching the relationship between Kenneth and Elaine the most. Power is weird as Kangxi Emperor.
Recommended? No (except for the last episode <-- must watch!!)

Lives of Omission - 潛行狙擊
Casts: Michael Tse, Fala Chen, Bosco Wong, Kate Tsui, Damian Lau, Ben Wong
Comments: As one of the most anticipated series of the year, this is a bit disappointing. The undercover theme is so overused to the point it gets irritating. The ending also kills it. Nevertheless, there are some great characters here. Laughing returns as an undercover. He portrayed his role well. Fala is too weak as a Madam, but I like the funny side of her character. Bosco shines throughout the whole drama, he’s the one that kept me watching this. Kate’s character has nothing to do with the story so I don’t know why she’s here. Damian and Ben are great as well. There’s one complaint though: too many newcomers in one series (although I like the twins).
Recommended? Yes

River of Wine - 九江十二坊
Casts: Bowie Lam, Sunny Chan, Linda Chung, Nancy Sit, Elena Kong, Pierre Ngo, Sire Ma
Comments: I did not finish this series, only up to episode 7. I got so bored of it that I decided to watch something else instead. The story line is really slow. From what I saw so far, I like pretty much all the characters, except for a few annoying ones (won’t mention them here). I like the relationship between Bowie and Elena the most. Linda and Sunny are quite cute as well. I’m so impressed with Elena’s performance. Pierre and Sire did well too, although I don’t like Pierre’s character. The scenery is a bonus here. I may update this if I decide to finish it later on.
Recommended? No (unless you have extra time)

Men with No Shadows - 不速之約
Casts: Bobby Au Yeung, Raymond Lam, Tavia Yeung, Sire Ma, Gigi Wong, Power Chan
Comments: I dropped this after episode 2, but I watched the ending. I couldn’t continue on with how the story is going. The characters are so mediocre, except for the unusual Raymond Lam. Bobby and Tavia are not interesting to watch here. Raymond, although unusual, his character didn’t impress me.
Recommended? No (unless you’re a Raymond fan)

Super Snoops - 荃加福祿壽探案
Casts: Liza Wang, Wong Cho Lam, Johnson Lee, Louis Yuen, Toby Leung
Comments: I watched the first episode only. Never try to continue on. I rather have them make this a show instead of a drama. And what's with Liza's clothes?? I like the ‘Buying Noodles’ song though:)

Forensic Heroes III - 法證先鋒III
Casts: Wayne Lai, Maggie Cheung, Kate Tsui, Ron Ng, Edwin Siu, Aimee Chan, Nancy Wu, Ruco Chan
Comments: I enjoyed this series the most, not because it’s the best, I just like the forensic theme in general. As many people are saying, the cases are pretty predictable, yet I enjoyed most of them. Although I do miss the old casts, I like the new casts here as well. Maggie is so pro, even more pro than Pro Sir (Wayne). She’s my favourite in this series and I like her chemistry with Kate the most. I will do a review later on for this one so I’ll just leave it here for now.
Recommended? Yes

Curse of the Royal Harem - 萬凰之王
Casts: Jessica Hsuan, Myolie Wu, Sunny Chan, Gigi Wong, Nancy Wu, Joel Chan
Comments: The way TVB promoted this is so misleading because Jessica is the main lead here. Although there were many negative feedbacks here regarding the makeup, Myolie’s acting, the ‘water bottle’ incident, the story line is pretty ok in my opinion. Introduced as a villain in the beginning, I don’t find Myolie evil at all. There was indeed some bad acting with Myolie, but there were also moments she did well. Jessica is great in her expressions but her voice is a bit lacking. I had to turn on the volume when she speaks. Sunny is good as a weak emperor. Gigi, Nancy and Joel also did well. I enjoy the relationship between Myolie and Joel the most.
Recommended? Yes

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