Friday, June 15, 2012

Master of Play: Episode 3-5

I'm so behind with Master of Play, only up to ep 6... Oh well, let's get straight to business shall we?

I find it really interesting how Ah Kan (Adam Cheng) used his acting skills to look for Luk Bing Ching (Lau Dan), who just got out of jail not long ago. His story is rather interesting too, though a bit draggy. It's giving out clues here and there and make you guess whether he had killed his wife or not. And the answer wasn't what I expected. Yes, I was fooled!! And so was Ah Kan.

It seemed like Ah Kan has gone too far with his acting, to the point he got out of control and almost hurt his colleagues. He seemed scary that time.

Ah Kan met a girl whom he thought was his daughter Tansy. It turned out she's Charlie, Tansy's best friend and also the one who's supposed to be kidnapped 25 years ago. Ah Kan saw her working as a prostitute and even doing drugs.

MOP is full of surprises. Charlie was actually an undercover!! And she's dating Matt Yeung's character, whose name I forgot :P

When Ah Kan told Luk Bing Ching he believed that he had killed his wife, Luk Bing Ching got out of control and wanted to kill the triad boss whom his wife had an affair with. Charlie stopped him but unfortunately, she ended up getting killed by that triad boss. Very sad!! Ah Kan has indirectly caused her death.

Adam's crying skill was superb!! He's the best actor so far in MOP!!

Natalie (Aimee Chan) is a very special girl. She can tell a tree's feeling by looking at its leaf color. She seemed to love nature. Natalie is a botanist or something?!

Natalie seemed unhappy about Ivan (Moses Chan) and Esther's (Maggie Siu) wedding. She even got mad at Esther but luckily things worked out for them at the end. It seemed like she felt insecure when Ivan's not around, hence didn't want them to get married.

Finally, Kenny Wong and Rachel Kan made their appearance as Eric and Michelle respectively. Ivan met them at Jekyll bar, a place full of weird people: Edwin an odd bar tender, Martin an angry dude and Henry a timid waiter.

Kenny and Rachel's looks are the most eye-catching... and scary, especially Kenny's!! Imagine having his profile picture in your phone...

... CREEPY!!

When Eric discovered Henry unintentionally overheard his conversation with Ivan, he killed him right away!! Ivan seemed shocked and got mad at first, but went along with him in the end.

Eric seemed to know a lot about Ivan, and it seemed like he's watching over him and even knows what Ivan's thinking. He said that he's the one who lured Ivan into killing his uncle!! I began to think that Eric and the whole Jekyll bar only existed inside Ivan's head, ie. they are only his imagination. (**Don't tell me anything, I don't want spoilers. I want to find out myself!! Thank u**)

It turned out that Ivan and Natalie aren't real brother and sister!! She got kidnapped by Ivan's father and uncle (the dude Ivan killed in ep 2). His father wanted him to kill Natalie because she saw their faces but it seemed like Ivan killed his father instead?! Ivan is now overprotective of Natalie and maybe that's why he killed his uncle?!

Ivan got really shocked when he saw a picture of Ah Kan in Natalie's computer. Natalie may be Tansy afterall!!
Wow... look at Moses' expression!!

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