Thursday, June 7, 2012

Charmaine and Raymond Filming "The Drive of Life"

Credit to boscoyina from YouTube

Director: "Ready to roll. 3-2-1-ACTION"
*Charmaine kissing Raymond all over*
Director: "CUT"
*Charmaine and Raymond burst out laughing*
Charmaine: "HAHA... Did you hear people down there yelling 'WOW it's Charmaine'? Wahhh, that was so awkward!"
Raymond: "Her face turns all red!"
Charmaine: "They don't know what we are doing."
Raymond: "And they can't see the camera."

LOL........ I know this is like ages ago but I found it super funny. It's always awkward to film a kissing scene. I love how both of them burst out laughing the moment the director says "CUT" :D

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