Sunday, February 19, 2012

The Hippocratic Crush: Episode 1-5

- My first impression: I hate the title. Why not just keep the original one - On Call 36 Hours, so much better, and actually sounds like a medical drama. Now: The Hippocratic Crush, more like a romance series. Bad, bad, bad!!

- My next impression: Good themesong by Joey Yung, especially love the chorus. I'm addicted to it now. I'm happy that TVB lets an actual singer to sing the themesong.

**Spoilers alert**

Next, the plot so far:
- Dr. Cheung Yat Kin (Kenneth Ma), neurosurgeon, a final-year specialist trainee, has to supervise and train a bunch of housemen, and that include Fan Chi Yu (Tavia Yeung), Yeung Pui Chung (Him Law) and Hung Mei Suet (Mandy Wong). Kenneth is a strict boss, but he actually really cares for his subordinates and wants them to be good doctors.
- Ben Wong, a neurosurgeon, who is also Kenneth's superviser, dislikes him.
- Kenneth is Tavia's dad's most outstanding student. However, Tavia dislikes Kenneth because she thinks that he only knows how to kiss up to her dad. Moreover, their ways of solving things are so different that make them at odds with each other.
- Tavia and Mandy are actually sisters. Mandy found out about that but Tavia didn't. Mandy hates Tavia for some reasons (probably because she hates her dad) so she decides to surpass her.
- Him Law is a goofy houseman who places fun as his first priority. He often gets yelled at by Kenneth for his attitude. After an incident, he decides to become more serious in his work.

My comments:
- Kenneth, oh Kenneth, I like this guy, a lot. I like his doctor look. He's doing fine as well. I especially love the parts where he was doing operations. Very cool!! He's good at yelling other people as well lol...
- I find Tavia boring, and it's only episode 5. That's bad! Why does she still keep the same hair style, it's been the same for how many series already?! And her role is not that much different from her previous ones. Though I think she's ok for professional roles, I miss the youthful, innocent Tavia from the old days.
- Mandy is getting on my nerve, not her acting but her character. Hope she'll change later on. She and Ben Wong are doing great as doctors. They look so real.
- Him Law, this guy left me a bad impression after his nasty scandal earlier. However, I must say that I find his acting pretty ok in this drama, though his character is a bit exaggerating.
- I like how the first 5 episodes focus more on the medical stuff. It keeps me watching and wanting for more. Though I must say that the way they take off their gloves bugs me so much. Someone really should have taught them how to take off their gloves properly.
- This series is fine up to episode 5. However, I get a feeling that it will go down hill later on when it touches on the family and relationship stuff. Keep your fingers crossed...

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  1. Um... Actually, I'd prefer the English title over the Chinese title.. No offence cause not many people really know this, Hippocrates is a Roman historical figure, namely the Father of Medical or something like that. He contributed like seriously a lot of stuffs. Oh, and before someone be a doctor, they have this Hippocratic Oath or something like that... So yeah. The Hippocratic Crush comes like that. And it's by far the best English title (with an actual meaningful meaning) I have seen in TVB so far....