Sunday, October 7, 2012

The Last Steep Ascent: Episode 5-9

Ho Sai Man (Katy Kung), the youngest daughter of the Ho family, got married to a Malaysian businessman Ngai Bo Law (Matt Yeung), but it seems like he's just after her money to save his family business. Don't know if he really loves her or not. Sai Man seems like a nice girl for now.
Miu Tin (Moses Chan) got a job at Chai Man's (Joel Chan) medicine shop. Chai Man really admired Miu Tin's knowledge in Chinese medicine so he got promoted really fast. Although Chai Man may sound cocky sometimes, you can tell that he's a good guy. I really enjoy his scenes so far, along with with his wife (Samantha Ko). They make a funny couple!!
When Miu Tin's friends came visit him, Chai Man's wife teased them, making them feel so awkward! Chai Man was being nice and hired all of them to work for him (all except for Tsui Wing who had to return to the village). You can tell that Chai Man really treasures Miu Tin.
Koo Sun Yuet (Maggie Cheung) finally found out about the affair between her husband Ho Sai Cheung (KK Cheung) and Tin Oi Tai (Aimee Chan). Two years ago in San Francisco, Sai Cheung was really sick and Oi Tai was 'bought' to take care of him. After that, they developed feeling for each other. Understanding her family situation, Sai Cheung arranged Oi Tai to leave the States and live closer to him in Guangzhou. Oi Tai continued to take care of him and his health.
Although Sai Cheung and Oi Tai do seem like they truly love each other, it hurts Sun Yuet that Sai Cheung didn't love her enough despite their 20-year marriage and even deliberately made up stories to lie to her. I do believe that Sai Cheung and Oi Tai were true to each other but I also think that Sai Cheung didn't love Sun Yuet enough to tell her about his illness. After all, these two seriously lack communication and understanding, Sai Cheung only cares about his business while Sun Yuet only cares about the kids. Nevertheless, a married man must know what he should and shouldn't do so Sai Cheung is in the wrong here. And Oi Tai, knowing that Sai Cheung was already married and even had kids, still clung onto him so she's at fault too. However, I do pity her character.
Sai Cheung's illness struck him again and this time, he passed away. A lot of people were sad but of course, some people were extremely happy about this!! As for Oi Tai, she got really depressed after Sai Cheung died. She kept wandering in Guangzhou and even got raped when she was drunk.
Sai Leung (Benjamin Yuen) is Sai Cheung's brother. After Sai Cheung died, he took over as the boss of Ho Ching Tong. However, due to his lack of experience, Sai Leung found his task extremely exhausting. In addition, Sai Ho (Edwin Siu) and his father Kwan Yiu (Cheung Yik) set up traps to trouble him even more. As a result, Sai Leung ran away from home. (He looked dead!! Poor guy =.=')
Sun Yuet's mother-in-law (Law Lan) now made Sun Yuet take over the business. Sai Ho and his father of course wouldn't agree to this. They called everyone in the Ho family out and forced her to hand over Ho Ching Tong. And now we get to see the familiar Tim-Gor-style-family-showdown scene!! Shame on these guys, picking on a widow... tsk tsk!!
At a time like this, only one thing will come in handy --- the will!! ~~Yay, will-reading time~~!! So according to the will, Kwan Yiu committed some crime in the past (rape in particular). As a result, his father didn't let him manage Ho Ching Tong even though he was the eldest son. After hearing this, Kwan Yiu got furious and collapsed. Sai Ho felt that they were in great disadvantage after his father was sent to the hospital (he came down with stroke or something). He fell on his knees and begged Law Lan for forgiveness, but of course, he didn't mean it!!
So Sun Yuet got to be the boss again. She may be a good mother, but when it comes to business and medicine, she basically knew nothing. In the midst of great distress, Sun Yuet found the note that Miu Tin wrote for Sai Cheung when he lent him $3000. According to their agreement, Miu Tin would come over to Ho Ching Tong and help whenever they needed him.
Sun Yuet immediately went looking for Miu Tin. But of course, someone's not gonna be happy!!

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