Sunday, October 28, 2012

2012 My Astro on Demand Favorites Awards Nomination

Voting is open to Malaysian fans only (which sucks!!), so Malaysian fans, go online and vote here.

My Favorite Actor in a Leading Role
For now, I have no preference. I think Raymond Lam will grab this, if not then it's probably Kenneth.

My Favorite Actress in a Leading Role
Kate or Tavia?! Or maybe they'll surprise us with Myolie and Linda!! My pick is Charmaine though. Biased or not, she truly impressed me in WHB.

My Favorite Actor in a Supporting Role
So hard to choose!! Maybe Ram Chiang? I love him!!

My Favorite Actress in a Supporting Role
Elena Kong!! (I have yet to watch her in SSSS though :P) If not then give it to Florence Kwok.

My Favorite Onscreen Couple
For now it's KenTa. I have yet to watch more of Raymond and Kate in HAL.

My Favorite Most Improved Actor
OSCAR MUST WIN!! Nice to see Otto Chan and Glen Lee get nominated.

My Favorite Most Improved Actress
Pretty sure Mandy will grab this.

My Favorite Drama Series
The Hippocratic Crush will probably win, or will it be SSSS?! Though I will always secretly root for When Heaven Burns muahahaha...

My Favorite Drama Theme Song
Can't decide between The Hippocratic Crush 《連續劇》, The Last Steep Ascent 《一生一心》 and Highs and Lows 《幼稚完》... They all sound so good!!

My Favorite Most Popular Artiste
This one is obviously tailor-made for So Kei so he has to get this!!

My Favorite Classic Role (5-year Anniversary)
Lau Sam Ho is classic?! O_o Since when?? Got sick of Laughing, Law Ba ruined himself in GJ2, so between Chai Kau and Cheng Kau Mui, I choose the latter.

Top 15 My Favorite Characters
Let's just make sure that no one is going home empty-handed!!

**Credit to weibo and Astro on Demand

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