Monday, September 24, 2012

The Last Steep Ascent: Episode 1-4

I like the theme song 《一生一心》 sung by Hubert Wu. I think Hubert's voice sounds a bit like Chilam's, or is it just me?! However, I don't like the opening theme video. It has exactly the same style as Bottle Passion's, but more poorly done.

Ok let's get started. So apparently, Maggie made my eyes teary within the first 5 min of the first episode!! WTH?! I totally didn't see that coming!! I got so emotional just by listening to her narration. It was her voice, so old-fashioned and so old too. She was able to bring out the mood just by using her voice. I'm impressed!! Good job Maggie!!

The story begins in 1934 in a small village. Miu Tin (Moses Chan) is basically a 'seun poon' in his village because he's nice, filial, capable, blah blah blah... After the death of his parents (a rather sad and touching part... Q.Q)), Miu Tin and his friends decided to go to Guangzhou to sell off the medicine they have grown for the past 2 years.
However, things didn't go well as they planned. When they were trying to sell the medicine to Guangzhou biggest medicine shop Ho Ching Tong, they were 'bullied' by Ho Kwan Yiu (Cheung Yik) and his son Ho Sai Ho (Edwin Siu). Miu Tin's friend Cheng Kiu (Kenny Wong) couldn't hold back and punched Sai Ho. As a result, he got into jail. Miu Tin had to help get him out. But when they thought everything was resolved, their medicine went rotten before they could sell it.
Luckily, Miu Tin met Ho Sai Cheung (KK Cheung), the owner of Ho Ching Tong. After hearing Miu Tin's story, Sai Cheung decided to lend him some money so he can have something to give back to the villagers. Sai Cheung is actually Kwan Yiu's nephew and Sai Ho's cousin. Since Kwan Yiu and Sai Ho were backed up by the whole Ho family, Sai Cheung didn't dare to fire them even if he knew they cheated Ho Ching Tong's money. I can see that Sai Cheung is very troubled!!
Koo Sun Yuet (Maggie Cheung) is Sai Cheung's wife and a loving mother of 3 kids. She didn't want to get involved in the Ho family business and just wanted to take care of her kids. Her mother-in-law (Law Lan) wanted her to be the head of the Ho family but Sun Yuet rejected her every time. I love their interaction, so cute and so childish!!
After giving all the money back to the villagers, Miu Tin once again decided to go to Guangzhou and find a job to pay off his debt. Tin Oi Tai (Aimee Chan), a villager who just returned from San Francisco, joined him. Although Oi Tai was born in the States, she lived in China Town and didn't know English. She returned to the village after her parents died. By accident, Miu Tin discovered that Oi Tai was actually the mistress of Sai Cheung.

Looking forward to the relationship between Sun Yuet and Miu Tin!! They met many years ago when Miu Tin was 10 and Sun Yuet was 18. At that time, Sun Yuet was on her way to marry Sai Cheung. They haven't properly met each other again yet but it seems like Miu Tin recognized Sun Yuet.

I still couldn't get over the fact that Moses got his role as Miu Tin, who's 8 years younger than Maggie's character Koo Sun Yuet. Because the thing is, Moses looks older than Maggie, it's not convincing!! They should have gotten a younger actor for this role (Bosco? Ray Wong? Ruco? or Kenneth??). However, if they insist on using an actor at Moses' age, I prefer Steven Ma!!

From the first 4 episodes, I feel that this series is similar to Rosy Business. The wealthy Ho family and Moses-Maggie relationship are comparable to the Chiang family and Wayne-Sheren relationship in RB. I highly anticipated this series so hopefully it won't disappoint, especially the ending.

And isn't that... RAYMOND WONG?!?! O_o Since when he's in this series?!

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