Friday, September 7, 2012

New Series of Bobby Au Yeung and Esther Kwan?

I just went on Weibo and found out that TVB has invited Esther to star in Chong Wai Kin's new series. It will be a Bobby-Esther collaboration!! The series will be 30-episode long and go from the Song Dynasty to the 50's/60's to the modern time (sounds like Maidens' Vow, which was also produced by Chong Wai Kin). It depicts a love story that spans a thousand years. The female character will be cursed and die 3 times in hands of her loved one. Other actors include Ben Wong, Pierre Ngo...

OMG!! OMG!! So excited!! Hope this come true!! *finger crossed* The last time I saw Esther onscreen was in 2010 The Season of Fate. I would be happy to see her working with Bobby again.
Credit to HKChannel

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