Thursday, January 19, 2012

What I'm watching...

Guess what I'm watching........... Glittering Days!! I was eating my lunch and no one was home so I wanted to entertain myself by watching TV. I was going through a pile of old DVDs and I found this. I never knew about the existance of this series, until now!! How sad!! So then I sat down and watched the first few episodes of it. It's surprisingly good since I had low expectation for series set in the 1960's (no, I lied. I enjoyed Sisters of Pearl).

About Wish and Switch and L'Escargot, as I mentioned before, I have low expectation for these two series as I'm not too fond of the story lines. I also watched the first episode for both series and I don't feel like continuing. I'm actually too lazy to load it on my computer so I'll probably watch them later on with my family when they get the DVDs.

Two new drama just had the costume fitting, Thunderous Drug Raid and Chok Family. After reading the info for the series, I really want to watch Thunderous Drug Raid. This is also the first time I anticipate a Raymond's series since I'm not his fan. Let's see how he will turn out. About Chok Family, I'm not excited for it at all. Has TVB run out of names for a series?!

By the way, would anyone recommend The Drive of Life? I haven't watched it yet. I partly want to and partly not because it's way too long and I don't have much time since school started.


  1. The Drive of Life is a little slow and super long. I didn't dislike it but I didn't really love it either. It did have some good parts but I'm not really sure I would recommend it if you're limited in time. lol. Basically, if you like the cast, you could give it a try.

  2. I only watch Charmaine, Raymond and Myolie's love triangle in the series, not any other interesting outcomes, just very simple to any other series.